Version Rule

EasyEDA version number is ReleaseCountsOfThisYear.MajorVersion.ReleaseCountsOfThisMajorVersion. For example, v4.9.3 is the fourth year released of EasyEDA, and nine major versions are released in this year, EasyEDA had released 3 times in this major version.

Version Upgrade

If you use EasyEDA online, it can seamlessly upgrade by itself. However,EasyEDA uses an App Cache technique to allow you to use EasyEDA offline (W3C HTML5 Offline Web Applications) which may delay the automatic upgrading process. Therefore, if you want to upgrade to the latest version immediately, you can follow the two simple steps below.

  1. Check the About… dialog;

  2. If the Built Date is older than 2017/06/01:
    Close your browser open EasyEDA again.
    If the Built Date is still showing older than 2017/06/01:
    Close your browser and open EasyEDA again.
    If the Built Date is at or newer than 2017/06/01, you don’t need to do anything.

Note: 2017/06/01 is just an example.

If those two steps don’t work, you may need to clear your browser’s cache:

Mozilla Firefox

  • Close the editor, Go to “Preferences… > Privacy & Security > History > clear your recent history” or use Ctrl+shift+Delete,

  • Click on “Clear now”,

  • Reload easyeda again.


  • Close the editor, Open the following URL: chrome://appcache-internals/.

  • Look for and click “Remove”.

  • Reload easyeda again.

  • Or you can use hotkey Ctrl+shift+Delete to delete Chrome caches.

Desktop Client

  • Close client and re-open it.

  • If doesn’t work, rght-clik start page, use “Inspect Electment”.

  • Switch to “Application” - “Clear storage”, enable “Cache storage” and “Application cache”, then click “Clear site data”.

  • Restart Client.