PCB Order Problems:

  • At present, EasyEDA PCB service is transfer to , we are the same company group, any PCB orders problem please contact with JLCPCB .

Parts Order Problems:

  • EasyEDA provides direct links to LCSC thousands of components. Please order at LCSC.COM, any parts order problem please contact with LCSC .

All Other Inquiries About EasyEDA:


EasyEDA team may not have the time or resources to help you fix all your problems; we may just be able to help you to fix problems commonly encountered by newbies, such as using a drawing polyline in place of a wire, finding a spice model for a simulation or selecting the right PCB footprint.

  • Please note that although some browsers or plug-ins allow you to use gestures, EasyEDA does not work with gestures, so you should disable this function.

  • Simulation editing is not yet fully supported: care must be taken because the last save by any collaborator overwrites all previous saves.

  • Take a few moments to think about your username because this is the name that other users will see on your designs and posts if you choose to share them or make them public. Once you have created an account, you cannot change your username.

  • You can use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make a strong password but don’t forget that the password entry is case sensitive.

  • Except ordering of PCBs directly from EasyEDA.

Business Development/Cooperation About EasyEDA:

please contact


  • F5, Tianjian Building, No.7 Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000, China