EasyEDA support you save your file to local, you can download your design as EasyEDA source file.

1. Export EasyEDA document directly

You can create an EasyEDA source file via:

> File > EasyEDA File Source…

picture 11

2. Download the project

Via: Project folder > Right Click > Download, you will download a zip file with EasyEDA Source files for Schematics and PCBs.

Or you can backup the projects, via: Project folder > Right Click > Backup Project

picture 12

it will open a dialog, you can select the projects what you want to backup. There is only backup projects once per day.

EasyEDA Source File is a JSON file which can be read by many other programs. JSON format please see:

3. Open EasyEDA File

If you want to open the EasyEDA file you exported, you can try: “ - File - Open - EasyEDA…”.

picture 13

Then you can edit and save the document.