EasyEDA supports saving your file to local storage, you can download your design as an EasyEDA source file.

1. Export EasyEDA document directly

You can create an EasyEDA source file with:

> File > EasyEDA File Source…

picture 11

2. Download the project

Select: Project folder > Right Click > Download, this will download a zip file with EasyEDA Source files containing Schematics and PCBs.

You can also backup the project using: Project folder > Right Click > Backup Project

picture 12

This will open a dialog and you can select the projects what you want to backup. Backup projects may be done once per day.

EasyEDA Source File is a JSON file which can be read by many other programs. JSON format is described here:

3. Open EasyEDA File

If you want to open the EasyEDA file you exported use: “ - File - Open - EasyEDA…”.

picture 13

After editing you can save the document again.