What’s new in v6.3.53



  • PCB object copy and cut supports set reference point first, supports to snap while placing
  • While placing pad or via, it supports to snap
  • Supports to remove via in batch, via: Copper Area outline properties - Add/Remove Vias
  • Import DXF supports to read file’s unit
  • Export pick and place file supports to contain panelized components


  • Fix abnormal text font will stop saving file issue
  • Fix hard to select track which is inner solid region issue
  • Fix big PCB will show abnormal ratlines issue after opening
  • Fix when create new symbol the tag list doesn’t show up issue
  • Fix netlabel will conflict the default netname issue when at some situations
  • Fix some spice simulation issue
  • Fix on top layer change the bottom layer pad as multi-layer fail issue
  • Fix create new sheet will go to the sheet list top issue
  • Fix update symbol will influence other sheet issue
  • Remove only show net name at current active copper layer logic
  • Fix schematic copy and paste will disconnect wire and pin connection issue
  • Fix find similar object some case fail issue
  • Deselect net at PCB Design Manager change behavior as only hide ratline of this net instead of hide all tracks
  • Schematic prefix limitation with only support one dot charater, to avoid subparts identification error issue
  • Canvas attributes doesn’t into redo undo anymore
  • Fix desktop client open PCB everytime will rebuild copper area issue
  • Fix via will offset very far issue when open PCB
  • Fix when component ID duplicated set “Add in BOM” as “No” still show in BOM issue
  • Fix others bugs

What’s new in v6.3.43



  • Fix netlabel show incorrect rotation issue
  • Fix dragging three points straight track will offset issue
  • Fix some export as DXF issues
  • The arc properties panel adds the arc type properties, which have different property panels and interactions to support the old arc modification
  • Fix V source simulation incorrect issue
  • FIx some bugs of windowns desktop client

What’s new in v6.3.41



  • Remove head fields’ double quote charaters of BOM and Pick and Place CSV file, which will cause JLCPCB upload fail
  • Fix some situation the pad of footprint in PCB doesn’t appear ratline issue

What’s new in v6.3.40



  • Fix because of circle to make PCB Import Changes fail issue
  • Refresh Design Manager support to remove extra junction
  • Update EElib and Spice EElib
  • Fix Import Changes the footprint or prefix will offset issue while layers were hidden
  • Hide show layer doesn’t into Redo Undo anymore
  • Remove save schematic sheets in batch logic, just save which is modified
  • Fix PCB hotkey D fail issue
  • Export DXF support tracks and silksreen, and surface pad
  • Fix export PNG the schematic has extra dot issue
  • Fix the new sheet without save in the project, and cut and paste the component will not generate the component ID issue
  • Star projects support to be cloned at right-click menu
  • Improve the role permission limit of the observer, the open document without permission editing will not be able to copy, clone, save as operation
  • Fixed some issues that caused the PDF export to fail
  • Fixed exported PDF font family changes and No Connect Flag bigger issue
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect Angle of exported PDF picture when the schematic has pictures. Known problem: the exported picture will be offset when the picture is rotated by 90 degrees.
  • Fixed a problem when dragging a straight wire with three nodes would cause it to drift

What’s new in v6.3.39


Important Notice

  • Before v6.3.39, update PCB is made through the component prefix, at now, it is made through the component unique ID now. After opening the old document for the first time, the editor reassign the component ID based on the component prefix
  • If the old schematic pages contain subparts(such as U1.1, U1.2 combine as a U1), the component need to be manually moved back to the original location after the first Update PCB
  • Before modify the old projects, suggest to create a new version for it, then edit the new version. Via: project list - project folder - right-click menu - version
  • Do not edit your design less than v6.3.39, if your design have been saving at v6.3.39, otherwise, it will appear footprint offset issue after Import Changes
  • Release new desktop client v4.1.8, supports to save project to local, change the client mode at Setting menu. Only Windows platform avaliable, Linux and Mac OS need sometime.


  • Support to remove 3D model at component property panel
  • New Import Changes logic, fixed component location will offset issue after Import Changes(for the old documents, please open and save them; known issue, for the subpart, after Import Changes have to move the footprint back the location)
  • Fix after Import Changes the net of track doesn’t update issue
  • Change the ARC interaction logic, keep the center of the circle unchanged when edit the start/end point; Adjust the properties panel properties options
  • Update Design Manager error and warning description
  • Change V-CUT clearance default value as 2mm
  • Support import 3D model in batch:WRL files need to be compressed to a zip fie, no more than 10 WRL files per zip file
  • Support set the unit for the 3D model when importing
  • 3D Model Manager support one-click to auto fit the location
  • SIM mode and STD mode support to switch directly, doesn’t need to close documents first anymore
  • Remove Via entry at Footprint
  • Fix rotate the whole PCB will offset some objects issue
  • Fix some Altium File will show some errors at Design Manager issue
  • Fix when place schematic module will appear incorrect Netport issue
  • Copper area and solid region drawing corner follow with the right-hand panel routing corner
  • Fix CTRL+F dialog will disappear issue after search
  • Fix fail to set canvas zoom effect as Quality Priority issue
  • Fix 3D Manager the model outline location doesn’t match footprint issue
  • Fix when just export solder mask layer to PDF, the exported file no content issue
  • The BOM content is contained by double quotation marks
  • When the Footprint has been updated, after Import Changes, will pop up a dialog waiting for update
  • New EElibs, all assigned the 3D models
  • Fix the problem that you can still click on a selected device after hiding the top or bottom layer
  • Fix the PCB size doesn’t contains panelized boards size issue
  • Fix the problem of lost line wrap after modifying the properties panel after normal text line wrap
  • When Import Changes, instead of directly replacing the footprint with the update, a pop-up window is listed and waiting for the update
  • CSV file contents of exported BOMs are included in double quotation marks
  • Circle drawing supports to use - + to change track width
  • Fix PCB export as SVG will lost copper area issue
  • Fix some schematics export as PDF fail issue
  • Fix some fail to import Altium files issue
  • Fix other issues

What’s new in v6.3.22



  • New start page
  • New desktop client, support save project to local
  • When multiple netlabels on one wire, the design manager will show a notice
  • Single object supports to show ratline now, such as single pad, via, track
  • Support right-click menu for top document’s tab
  • When click a net at design manarger at schematic, the wire width will show more large for wire recognize
  • Footprint manager supports to change unit while check footprint’s size
  • Libraries list support two icons: favorite and report error
  • Design manager supports to show the error information when the net has error
  • Support new simulation devices
  • Copper area supports to set spoke width. when set it as 0, it will be default width
  • Support to choose owner when document Saving As
  • When clone the library and module, support to choose owner
  • Project list supports list my favorite projects
  • Dimension tool supports setting width
  • PCB import changes support to redo and undo
  • Via supports auto snap to track when placing vias
  • Library supports to export to Altium
  • Alitum and PNG and SVG support to be exported by editor, not server
  • New edit symbol dialog at part’s property
  • Part supports to setting convert to PCB or not, add in bom or not. when setting it convert to PCB as No, it will not showing at footprint manager too. via: Part’s property panel
  • Normal text supports to follow previous text content
  • Ratline hightlight all the time
  • Support select Net first when add copper area
  • Provide a option whether if pad showing net and number at the same time. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if track width and via follow the design rule, via : Design Rule setting dialog
  • Provide a option whether if auto snap the footprint center while dragging it. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if highlight all net while hover a track. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • When the schematic convert to PCB, the PCB can be saved to project direclty
  • Provide first version of footprint naming rule reference: EasyEDA footprint naming rule reference


  • Improve big file opening
  • Improve 3D previewing speed
  • Improve area select is slowly issue
  • Improve delect or copy or move multiple objects will be slowly issue
  • Change SHIFT+M behavior, change to show or hide copper area fill data
  • Improve add teardrops performance
  • Add more right-click menu for project
  • Dimension tool default on document layer
  • Footprint manager supports multiple selected parts when they were selected at the canvas
  • Remove public or private option when create the new project
  • Other bugs fix

What’s new in v6.2.46



  • Fix when grouped a symbol at schematic will cause save fail issue

What’s new in v6.2.45



  • Fix round solid region rotates 90 degree will fail to generate Gerber issue
  • Fix some situation export PDF fail issue; Fix Dimension tool export to PDF the line width incorrect issue
  • Update EElibs

What’s new in v6.2.44



  • Fix when polygon pad setting negative solder mask expansion and paste mask expansion will cause error issue

What’s new in v6.2.43



  • Fix solder mask expansion fail issue
  • Fix combine net fail issue
  • Fix when export the PDF, the solder mask layer can’t mirror issue
  • Fix when using hotkey H, the ratline will not hightlight issue
  • Fix when export the PDF, some text will crash issue
  • Fix MOSFET simulation model incorrect issue

What’s new in v6.2.41



  • Fix when export schematic to PDF, the net port filled black color issue, the text location will change issue
  • Fix Board Cutout(NPTH) will cause the DRC error with inner plane layer issue
  • Fix the Pin orientation setting incorrect issue
  • Fix other issue

What’s new in v6.2.38



  • Add Board Cutout for assembly option of PDF export
  • Fix big PCB export DXF fail issue
  • Fix some teardrop issue
  • Fix some remove loop issue
  • Fix sometimes Footpirnt Manager can’t update issue
  • Modify export Pick and Place dialog description
  • Support to export the small drill hole size for Gerber which is less than 0.2mm
  • Improve netport picking
  • Board Cutout support to DRC check

What’s new in v6.2.35



  • While click a net at Design Manager, keep the net hightlight on the canvas
  • Ignore DRC error with Copper Area while apply Teardrops
  • Fix DRC error doesn’t point to correct location issue after import changes
  • Fix NetLabel can’t modify font family issue
  • Fix delete wire segment fail issue
  • Fix when input special charater in rotation will cause the incrrect data issue
  • Fix when PCB over 1.2 meter, and unit is milimeter, the Gerber will incorrect issue
  • Fix some simulation issue

What’s new in v6.2.34


New Features

  • ‘Smart Dimension’ in Footprints, via “ Tools - Smart Dimension”
  • New features of copper area
    • Setting a distance from copper area to the board outline.
    • Setting to clear the sharp corner of the copper area, at “Improve Fabrication”.
    • Setting the line width and spacing for the grid copper.
  • New simulation
    • Click to the logo in upper left corner to switch to simulation mode.
    • Only support the spice symbols which are the EElib at simulation mode.
    • Multiple instruments simulation are supported.
    • A lot of simulation models which are based on LTspice.
    • The simulation libs have 3D styles.
  • PDF exportings can be generated by editor.
    • The outline of the objects can be exported in PCB
    • Large documents being exported to PDF would not fail.
    • Multiple layers merged could be exported.
  • New 3D view
  • Users can classfy projects in terms of who the projects belong to.
  • The project lists could switch “Work Space” (You must joined the educating team).
  • The interface of the Personal libs and Team libs are integrated in ‘working Space’.
  • All the elements belong to a same net will display highlightly when mouse cursor moving on the tracks.
  • Objects support to offset by relative reference point.
  • Modify the trick click interaction: First click to select the entire track, click again to select a single segment of the track.
  • Support the track right-click menu to select the tracks of the entire network, choose an area to select part of a track.
  • Sheet table of schemetics and PCBs support to customize.
  • Stamp hole panelize is supported.
  • Support change layers automatically when you try to route other layer track.
  • Walk Around for the track in Alpha version.
  • Cartesian coordinate system existed in canvas.
  • Switching to elements in the same locaton and they keep out each other by using shotkey ‘G’.
  • Right-click menu of compontents shows the “View Datasheet”.
  • You can pull out the extension line in Size Tool.
  • Copper Menu was added to canvas right-click menu.
  • When moving footprint, it will adsorbed automatically once the cursor close to the center of the pads or the original point of the footprint.
  • Tracks and arcs could modify their properties batched at the same time.
  • There is a choose in System Settings to demand whether finish tracking automatically or not.
  • The NetFlags support to hide their names.
  • Personal preferences would be loaded to the server.
  • Once you click the button’Convert to PCB’, it wil check out are there errors to your schemetic nets.
  • Non-signal layers trakcs also support Real-time Track Length .
  • Components being selected in schemetic corresponding to highlight components at PCB.
  • Design Manager and Footpirnt Manager support secondary catalog display of the subpart.
  • You can review PCB photoes in white.
  • It could add teardrops automatically when routing tracks, which launched in system settings.
  • You can set Solder Mask Expansion and Paste Mask Expansion as a negative value.
  • No-official libs could also report errors.
  • Elements selected in canvas can be cancelled by ‘Esc’.
  • The position of the Footprints’ name of the PCB can be changed same as Prefix Position.
  • Rect in PCB can be converted to slots by right-click, and you can set nets to them.
  • You can adjust tracks width when you importing a DXF into PCB.
  • You can put No Connect Flag to Wire now.
  • You can choose whether mirror the bottom layer component coordinates or not when exporting coordinate file. The doesn’t need it. one part of the PCB manufactures need this option.
  • Support to cute silksreen automatically in Footprint, there ia a switch to demand launch or terminate it in the right-hand properties panel.
  • Projects support to be cloned.


  • Solve the problem that the bottom pads will cover over the top tracks.
  • Solve the problem that rounded corners will appear when copper areas overlap with the same network.
  • Improve theme setting of schematic diagram to avoid ambiguity.
  • Reset the canvas coordinates as the copper and solid fills’ edit coordinates.
  • Components with subpart no longer support placing father-part. Only separate subparts are allowed.
  • Improve tracks drag to reduce acute angles.
  • Press ‘D’ to drag footprint’s text without moving footprint.
  • Modify subpart properties support synchronous modification of other subpart properties.
  • Components’ prefix and name text do not allow line breaks.
  • Double-click the normal text, Enter directly confirm input, Ctrl+Enter change to new line.
  • Fixed problems where clicking exit did not succeed
  • Remove component’s prefix and name when ungroup it, to avoid recombination of anomalies.
  • Change parts searching keywords to at least two.
  • Limit the remove loop to only support the signal layer.
  • Remove must save the file before exporting the Altium format logic.
  • Fix other bugs.

Not ready:

  • The Educating version was published
    • Where to apply for the Educating version(need to verify):
    • It support more classes and Members management.
    • Switch to school channel in “User Center - Work Space” after the application passed to create teams/class, add students and create projects.
    • It only provide to teachers.

What’s New in v6.1.52



  • Fix some situations the Gerber generating incorrect issue
  • Fix Libraries dialog keyword highlight incorrect issue
  • Fix when at footprint manager, subpart pin information can not be edited issue
  • Fix some images doesn’t display issue
  • Fix some PCBs’ copper clearance incorrect issue

What’s New in v6.1.51



  • Fix Chrome v75’s bug causes 3D view crash issue
  • Fix View Datasheet button fail issue

What’s New in v6.1.50



  • Fix some situations the Gerber generating incorrect issue
  • Fix footprint manager update footprint fail issue when part’s pin name has special charater \
  • Fix library tags will be separated by space issue

What’s New in v6.1.49



  • Fix copper area bug
  • Improve login
  • Change “Common Button Setting” to “Menu Setting”; change inner plane fill option confusing issue

What’s New in v6.1.48



  • Fix after import changes, delete copper area fail issue

What’s New in v6.1.46



  • Fix placing schematic module will cause part’s unique ID repeatly issue
  • Fix modifing PCB text doesn’t success issue
  • Fix change vias size fail in multiple objects issue
  • Fix Find Similar Object doesn’t work issue when the parameter input by manually
  • Fix sometimes login editor it will show you are logout issue
  • Fix sometimes open the editor it will show you can not connect with internet issue
  • Fix when the same net multi-layer pads overlap will DRC error issue
  • Fix the offset hole of the polygon pad can not be generate the correct Gerber file issue
  • Fix some files open abnormal issue
  • Fix remove loop will appear strange track routing issue

What’s New in v6.1.41



  • Fix change pad size fail in multiple objects issue
  • Fix Photo view fail issue

What’s New in v6.1.39



  • Fix after importing changes the copper area fill data will be removed issue
  • Improve while routing 45 degree track is not smooth issue

What’s New in v6.1.38



  • Fix some PCB can’t save issue

What’s New in v6.1.37



  • BUG fix

What’s New in v6.1.34



  • Fix some situation import changes doesn’t success issue
  • Fix some special polygon will cause the Gerber shorted issue
  • Fix some situation add tearops will cause the copper area shorted issue

What’s New in v6.1.33



  • Fix import changes will stuck issue
  • Fix Update part doesn’t work issues
  • Fix other issues

What’s New in v6.1.30


New Features

  • New Copper Area
    • Remove copper corner and thin line: NOTICE!!! When open the old PCB file, it maybe need to add the track or via to finish the copper connection
    • The Faster grid copper performance
    • Support generate the clearance from the copper to board outline
  • Support to modify the prefix at the schematic and then update to PCB will not change part’s position
  • Support object filter feature. Entrance: Layers tool
    • Layer type and object filter
    • Click the eye icon to hide object
    • Diselect the object option, you will not able to select & move & copy the object etc.
  • Signal layer and board outline layer support to draw cirle
  • Support System Setting. Via: Topbar - Setting - System Setting
    • Canvas zoom mode
    • Schematic: display footprint name; auto-annotate prefix
    • PCB: zoom efficiency mode; rotation step setting; auto-assign the net name for free track/arc; new PCB wizard; favorite track width
  • PCB support to export DXF
  • Footprint manager support to check footprint’s size
  • Support to remove track loop. via: right-hand panel - Other - Remove Loop
  • Component support to be selected direclty at PCB
  • New Parts searching dialog
    • Show tags direclty
    • Highlight keyword after searching
    • Part’s price and storage same as LCSC
    • Mini dialog mode. Via: Dialog left-top corner button
    • Add New searching engine LCSC, better searching experience
  • The track and arc and solid region support to convert to be a pad
  • Support to place multiple vias. via: copper area property - place multiple vias button
  • Panelize function support display V-CUT line
  • New hotkeys
    • SHIFT+G:Display track length while routing
    • CTRL+R:Depend on reference point for copy object repeatly
    • SHIFT+W:Show favorite track width
    • SHIFT+1:Cycle forward to next open tabbed document
    • SHIFT+2:Cycle backward to next open tabbed document
    • +,-:Switch to the forward/next signal layer
    • * :Cycle switch to the next signal layer
    • SHIFT+R:Change routing conflict
    • SHIFT+S:Toggle layers which is not active
    • ALT+click the track:Highlight this track’s net
    • CRTL+SHIFT+L:Align left
    • CRTL+SHIFT+R:Align right
    • CRTL+SHIFT+O:Align top
    • CRTL+SHIFT+B:Align bottom
    • SHIFT+ALT+H:Align horizontal centers
    • SHIFT+ALT+E:Align verticas centers
    • CRTL+SHIFT+G:Align grid
    • CRTL+SHIFT+H:Distribute Horizontally
    • CRTL+SHIFT+E:Distribute Vertically
    • CTRL+L:Open layer manager
    • T、B:Change Selected component to top layer or bottom layer
    • ALT+F5:Full screen at browser
    • CTRL+HOME:Set canvas origin by coordiante
    • HOME:Set canvas origin by mouse location
    • CTRL+SHIFT+F:Find similar objects
    • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE:Change routing angle, same as hotkey L
    • Q:Change canvas unit
    • CTRL+Q:Hide/show network
    • SHIFT + drage component:The cursor snap to component’s origin while component moving
    • F1:Open FQA page
    • CTRL+SHIFT+C: Copy object(s) by reference point
    • CTRL+SHIFT+V:Paste object(s) and keep the prefix, and hide the ratline layer
  • DRC check support to check text and image etc.
  • Net color setting. via: topbar - tools - net color
  • Support panelize board by manually. How to use: Use CTRL+SHIFT+C or CTRL+C to copy board, and then CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste, and then SHIFT+B to rebuild copper area
  • Auto mirror the bottom side component’s coordiante while export the pick and place file
  • The via’s net support to follow the pad’s while placing the via on the pad
  • Netflat support to display name and change its location
  • Add “View Datasheet” button at part’s property panel
  • Support to rotate the footprint manually
  • Track and arc support to edit the length
  • Hightlight the document’s name at the project list while change documents tabs
  • Schematic support H hotkey to highlight the wires
  • The schematic wire support to pan
  • New symbol DIP-B for schematic Symbol wizard


  • Improve auto router, local auto router updated to v0.8.10
  • Footprint manager support to extend the dialog size
  • Remove object’s net attrubite of Footprint
  • Track and Pad support SHIFT+X to cross probe
  • Hotkey H hightlight the network until press H again
  • Show error at design manager for netlabel which is without connection
  • Remove Board Ouline Setting will auto enlarge the size issue
  • Delete the prefix or name will hide it automatically
  • Remove the Hide Component function at PCB design manager
  • Remove some auto rebuild copper behaviors
  • Add recycle bin icon at left side panel
  • Find similar objects support find prefix and name
  • PCB doesn’t support the repeatly prefix(except CTRL+SHIFT+V)
  • Improve the circle drawing experience
  • Improve the snap feature for track/arc/measure/set canvas origin
  • Seleted all text while double click the text
  • Add search input box at the top
  • BUG fixed

What’s New in v5.9.42



  • Fix some copper region will disappear issue when open the Gerber at Flatcam
  • “Create Solder Mask” change to “Expose Copper”
  • Fix some PCB photo abnormal issue
  • Fix some PCB can not display correct copper pour issue
  • Other improvements

What’s New in v5.9.41



  • Fix the track can not change direction by space key while routing into pad issue
  • Fix the ratline will not disappear issue
  • Fix the “Document Recovery” function doesn’t work on the desktop client issue
  • Fix other issues

What’s New in v5.9.34



  • Fix when auto-router the skip routed net doesn’t work issue
  • Fix PCB track hard to move the segment issue
  • Fix 3D view hasn’t copper area issue
  • Fix when mouse move the object, the location coordinate will increase 0.002 issue
  • Fix some file can’t open issue
  • Fix the grid shape of copper area the photo view incorrect issue

What’s New in v5.9.31



  • Fix PCB export the PDF doesn’t contain copper area issue

What’s New in v5.9.30



  • Fix some PCB doesn’t show correct copper area issue at the desktop client

What’s New in v5.9.29



  • Fix when undo the wire will disappear issue if you have been dragged the part and wire

What’s New in v5.9.28



  • Fix document can’t save issue when too many operation counts
  • Fix when reset prefix position the editor can not undo issue
  • Fix the junction will not appear issue when place the netflag on the wire
  • Fix the copper area clearance doesn’t read the DRC clearance issue
  • Fix when the “Document Recovery” has too much historicals will cause the editor crash issue

What’s New in v5.9.25



  • Fix the problem that the property panel parameter modification sometimes does not take effect issue
  • Fix auto-routing without evading ignored networks issue
  • Fix the problem of offsetting the route tracks
  • Fix when re-open the PCB and generate the Gerber, the Gerber file doesn’t exist the copper area issue
  • Fix the Undo/Redo will casue saving function desn’t work issue
  • Fix some PCB DRC has abnormal errors issue

What’s New in v5.9.24



  • Fix the ratline will not disappear after creating the plane layer issue
  • Fix the some special charaters of the old file will causes the document can not open issue
  • Fix the Export BOM function desn’t work issue at Docmuent Menu
  • Fix the island can not remove correctly issue
  • Fix some old PCB will show the DRC error issue

What’s New in v5.9.21


New Features

  • Support move the cursor to footprint origin when hold the SHIFT key and drag the footprint
  • Support object offset setting when select it and then press the TAB key
  • Add “Backup Project” menu
  • Support the grid shape of the copper area
  • Support creating the slot hole by using board outline


  • Improve the redo undo, modify the board outline will cause the editor hang up issue on large PCB
  • Improve Footprint check dimension function
  • Improve the PIN pick up experience
  • Support copy the PCB information
  • Improve the copper pour performance for the large PCB
  • Improve the PIN and PAD number increasing problem
  • Remove the “Mounted” option for the schematic
  • Support to show the link at the “Libraries” dialog if the lib has been added the link parameter
  • Support disable the DRC boudary at “Design Rule”
  • Improve the large PCB add teardrop will hang up the editor issue
  • Track length tuning support Arc shape
  • Improve the track corner behavior when move the track segment
  • Improve the large PCB photo view will hang up the editor issue
  • Add the order instruction at Gerber zip file
  • Add the remark at the PCB and Gerber when using the “Panelize” function
  • Improve the DRC performance
  • Improve the track snap to other track/arc
  • Improve the solid region style while routing
  • Arc support the solder mask layer
  • The topbar menu support auto close when the cursor moving out
  • Support modify the rectangle width and heihght at the schematic
  • Proejct title support display the version number at the project list
  • Footprint right-click menu adds “Check Dimension” menu at the “Libraries” dialog
  • Improve the differential pair routing
  • Improve the copper area island option
  • Improve the polygon PAD editing
  • Fix some step can not undo redo issue
  • Fix some PCB objects will move 0.002mil issue
  • Fix the empty text using the Google font will cause the PCB can not open issue
  • Fix some situation will cause the Import Changes doesn’t working issue
  • Fix the ratline will not disappear issue if the track doesn’t connect with the pad center

What’s New in v5.8.22



  • Fixed the Footprint retangle will be filled when photo view issue.
  • Fixed the PCB module will be grouped as a footprint issue when placing on the PCB.

What’s New in v5.8.20



  • Fixed when import the DXF to PCB board outline layer, the circle can’t convert to Hole issue.
  • Fixed when switch the PCB layers from 4 layers to 2 layers the plane zone can not be removed issue.

What’s New in v5.8.19



  • Fixed the extract lib fail issue
  • Fixed the Google font will cause the import changes fail issue
  • Add the Export BOM button back

What’s New in v5.8.16


New Features

  • PCB Dimension tools support switching units and selection accuracy
  • The panelize function supports positioning holes and positioning points
  • New auto-router dialog
  • Part’s new costum parameter supports to select the drop down list parameter
  • Schematic sheets support to arragement the order, via: Left-bottom corner - sheet icon - move forward/backward
  • The silk screen highlighted when layer switching to TopLayer or BottomLayer
  • Add property panel for the photo view
  • Pin’s name and number support to set color
  • New version control for the project
  • New PCB Layer Manager
    • Support 32 inner layers
    • Support layer transparent setting
    • Support defind the inner layer’s name
  • Support show and setting Solder Mask and Paste Mask for the pad
  • More origin setting for the schematiclib and Footprint, via: Topbar - Place - Set Canvas Origin
  • Design Manager supports to show the numbers and jumping icons
  • Design Manager’s divider supports up and down adjustment
  • Copper Area and Solid Region support to redo at previous step by hotkey DELETE and BACKSPACE when drawing
  • Footprint supports to draw the retangular
  • PCB support inner plane layer
    • How to use: 1.Chose copper layer more than 2 at Layer Manager. 2.Change inner layer’s type as “Plane”. 3.Apply “Setting” and swicth layer on inner layer. 4.Route the track or Arc
    • If you change the objects on the plane layer, please rebuild it at the right-hand panel “Rebuild Plane”


  • The exported SVG graphics unit setting as mm
  • Fixed the imported DXF wasn’t saparated issue
  • Fixed some EElib’s footprint
  • Fixed when import changes will replace the unmodified components issue
  • Fixed the BottomAssemblyLayer objects do not mirror issue
  • Fixed when copper area contain more than 2 contain coppers will cause the Gerber incorrect issue
  • New Altium Export dialog
  • The pick and place file exporting change to CSV instead of ZIP
  • Fixed the auto-router can’t avoid the hole issue
  • When the number and name of the footprint are too far away from the footprint, they will automatic return to the original position.
  • Improve the Gerber generating speed


  • 3DLib and Grid Copper Area delay at v5.9

What’s New in v5.7.26



  • Fixed the space of the text will cause the font family to change issue
  • Fixed when copy the PCB footprint and paste to the Footprint will cause the prefix incorrect issue
  • Fixed the PCB module placing unavaliable issue

What’s New in v5.7.24



  • PCB text font family supports to change to other fonts automatically when the default font family can not display the text
  • Fixed the irregular solid region will cause the incorrect DRC errors issue
  • Fixed the bottom solid region(cutout) will cause the incorrect copper area issue
  • Fixed when the copper areas overlap, the Gerber will be generated incorrect issue

What’s New in v5.7.22


New Features


  • Fixed when edit the old PCB the Ratlines don’t coincide with pad issue
  • Fixed the pad can’t not connect with the copper area correclty issue of some special imported PCB
  • Other bugs fixed

What’s New in v5.7.19



  • Fixed the DRC error marks remain issue after importing changes
  • Improved the copper area picking experience

What’s New in v5.7.17


New Features

  • 3D View(first version)
    • Via: Topbar - Preview - 3D View
    • Known issue: Only PCB 3D view, no 3D models; The inner wall of the plated hole doesn’t support plated yet
  • Board Panelize(first version)
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Panelize
    • Only support to self-panelize
  • Copper Area Manager(first version)
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Copper Area Manager
    • How to use:Adjust the copper areas order, then apply
  • Copper Area can be named
  • Footprint Dimension Tool
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Check Dimension
    • Dimension data will not be saved in Footprint
  • Track Length Tuning(first version)
    • Via: Topbar - Route - Track Length Tuning
    • How to use: Select the track you want, then click the menu, set the parameter, then left-click the track onece where you want to start tunning, and then move the mouse
  • Routing Conflict - Block
    • Via: Canvas Attributes - Others - Routing Conflict
  • Track routing support to show unconfirmed track, Right-click to cancel the unconfirmed track
  • Unconfirmed track support to show DRC outline
  • New Design Rule Manager
    • Support different net different rule
    • Support check objects to board outline
  • Add two Google fonts for PCB, support Chinese & Korean & Japanese to input directly
  • Arc & Protractor have more attributes
  • All documents support to import DXF
  • New PCB Distance Measure, hotkey M
  • Press Tab key to modify attrubites when place the component/net label/pad/via/pin/track/canvas origin
  • Layers Tool’s height is supported to pin and adjust
  • Support to cancel Menu by ESC key
  • The single track support to convert to NTPH(Slot hole)
    • How to use: Select one track, right-click menu - Convert to NPTH
  • The position of the component prefix of the PCB can be modified
    • Via: Topbar - Edit - Prefix Position
    • How to use: Select the components, click the menu
  • New highlight style on the canvas when click the component/pin/net at the design manager
  • New Find Tool. Hotkey CTRL+F
  • Offical components support to report error at the right-hand panel
  • When placing offical verified component support to show the √ mark on the component’s left-bottom corner
  • DRC error support to check the objects to copper area
  • New DRC errors information for design manager
  • Add Portuguese & Czech


  • Smaller copper area outline, and more convenience for picking
  • Improved the image import for the schematic
  • Fixed when modify the component pin information at the footprint manager can’t work issue
  • Fixed when photo view the PCB the silk screen will cover the pad issue
  • Fixed the PCB footprint’s prefix can’t be deleted issue when it was ungrouped
  • Fixed some situation the footprint’s prefix and name can’t not mirror issue
  • Fixed when measure the distance the cursor can’t be snapped to pad center issue
  • Improved the DRC error marks remain even no DRC error issue
  • Fixed the subpart update fail issue
  • Remove the clearance of the solid region(cut out/NPTH) to copper area
  • Other bugs fixed

Know issue

  • The auto-router doesn’t work in some PCB, we will fix it after finished the 3D view(including PCB 3D view & Footprint 3D view and 3D model associate). Please route the track manually at this time.

What’s New in v5.6.15


New Features

  • Differential Pair Routing(First version)
    • Via: Topbar - Route - Differential Pair Routing…
    • Notice: The PCB differential pair net name must named as XXX_N, XXX_P or XXX+, XXX-


  • Fixed some old PCBs can’t use the auto router issue, and release new local auto router to v0.7
  • Fixed the copper area and solid region outline virtual node(drag node) disappear issue

What’s New in v5.6.9



  • Fixed the older Chrome/Firfox open the document will not display anything issue

What’s New in v5.6.9


New Features

  • When importing the other EDA files the libs can be extracting at the same time
  • Find Similar Objects is supported
    • Via: Topbar - View - Find Similar Objects; and Right-click the canvas - Find Similar Objects
    • Support finding at multi-sheets
    • Support change the objects attributes at the same time on the attributes panel
  • Distribute Array of the PCB is supported
    • After select the objects, Via: Topbar - Align - Distribute Array
    • Types: Retangular and Circular
  • Teardrops supported for all pad shapes
  • Supported Schematic theme setting sync to the server
  • Track and Arc support to one-click create the solder mask
    • Select the Track or Arc, click the “Create Solder Mask” button at the right-hand panel
  • Wire and Track segment deletion is supported
    • Right-click the wire or track, use “Delete Segment” menu
  • The outline points are editable of the Copper Area/Solid Region/Polygon Pad
    • Click the Copper Area/Solid Region/Polygon Pad, and then click the “Edit Points” button on the right-hand panel
    • Copper Area/Solid Region support The Arc of the outline points
    • The hotkey “L” and hotkey “Space key” were supported when drawing the Copper Area and Solid Region, that likes routing the track
    • The new version Copper Area/Solid Region or polygon Pad can not be supported in the older editor version
  • Set PCB canvas origin supported to Snap to Arc and track nodes when the mouse get close
  • PCB information display is supported
    • Via: Topbar - View - PCB Information
  • The project folder color changes to bule when stick the projet
  • Dispaly the title when hover the mouse on the Docmuent’s Tab/Project folder,
    display the description when hover the mouse on the Docmuent’s title on the projects list
  • New Right-Click menu
    • Find similar objects/Place Components/Delete Segment/Grid Size/Snap Size/Design Rule Setting
  • Via’s net name display supported


  • Decrease the Gerber file size when the Gerber generating
  • Fixed the “import changes” function will unmirror the bottom layer’s component’s name issue
  • Fixed when move the texts in bacth, but after re-opening the PCB, only one text be moved issue
  • Other bugs fixed

Differentail pair routing will be released at next update.

What’s new in v5.5.15



  • Fixed when hidden the layer and re-opened the PCB, the toplayer pad will disappear issue. If you met this issue please use the PCB “Histories Record” function to recover. Via: Project folder - PCB file - right click the PCB - Histories record - choose a correct record and recover.
  • Fixed when change the pad’s layer, the footprint will be separated issue
  • Update EElibs

What’s new in v5.5.14



  • Fixed the via doesn’t show up issue when open the PCB

What’s New in v5.5.11


New Features

  • The library can be updated from the “Libraries”
    • Right-click component and “Update from Libraries”
    • Please notice: The Fliped symbol does’t support perfectly, please check the filped symbol carefully after updating
  • Support Teardrops
    • via: Tools - Teardrops
    • Only via and round pad at present
    • Don’t support auto suit for DRC yet, after adding teardrops please check the DRC
  • New schematic theme setting
    • Only support current sheet at present


  • Fixed the Ratlines can’t update in realtime issue
  • Fixed the invalid Copper Area issue
  • Fixed when placing a subparts schematic module to the schematic, the prefixs can’t to increase correctly issue.
  • Fixed the footprint manager can’t choose the search result issue.
  • Fixed the copper area disappear issue
  • Fixed the DRC error issue
  • Fixed the schematic arrow disappear issue
  • Improved the “Update to PCB, Update PCB, Import Changes” error message notification
  • Improved the big file opening efficiency
  • Fixed the document histories record timestamp
  • Fixed the Arc can’t be shown at photo view and can’t generate the Gerber issue
  • Other bugs fixed

What’s New in v5.4.12



  • Fixed the imported schematic network connection looks good but fail issue.

What’s New in v5.4.11



  • Fixed the Decompress fail issue.
  • Increase the save time for the big file.

What’s New in v5.4.10



  • Improved the Gerber compatibility in some old CAM350 version.

What’s New in v5.4.9



  • Fixed the schematic re-open will cause the footprint error issue in some special situation. Please re-update the footprint of the incorrect component at the footprint manager.

What’s New in v5.4.7


New Features

  • Location locked function is supported
  • PCB and Footprint support 3 decimal precision: 0.001mil,0.001mm etc
  • The selected Footprint shows in semitransparent
  • Creating a new schematic after creating a project, which is waiting to save


  • Fixed the attribute panel doesn’t work correctly issue
  • Schematic Symbol wizard support the old format. please refer at Schematic Symbol wizard
  • Fixed the solid region NPTH and cutout types show incorrect in PDF and image issue
  • Fixed the parameters can’t be edited of the spice symbol in the attribute panel issue
  • Improved the save overtime issue of the big file
  • Remove the attribute dialog when double click object
  • Improved the imported image size in PCB
  • Update Polish language
  • BOM download transfer to LCSC
  • Gerber View recommend to use Gerberv instead of JLCPCB Gerber view
  • Improved the color of the panel hidden icon
  • Improved the experience of the PCB import changes from the schematic
  • PCB texts move in batch is supported
  • The imported image behavior same as footprint when change its layer in PCB
  • The open source project support to download the BOM and Gerber
  • Improved the large file to export the EasyEDA source and SVG source
  • Because of the server resource limited, Simulation rule change to “2 minutes interval for every time simulation”

What is new in v5.3.14



  • Fixed the copper zone can not invisible issue.
  • Fixed the track width and PCB unit can not be changed issue.

What is new in v5.3.12


New Features:


  • Fixed issue error in Firefox 59.0.1.
  • Update Russian translation
  • Improved Footprint Manager
  • Fixed Spice Symbols search
  • Fixed Spice Symbols - edit subckt function
  • Fixed Netlabel can’t update the PCB when it has <> charaters issue.
  • Fixed Photo view hasn’t show incorrect when the Pad has the via inside issue.
  • Fixed other bugs.

What is new in v5.3.2


It is a big version upgrade, Easy do a lot of changes and improvements.

New Features:

  • New website
    • New forum, New explore, New resource, New website search
    • Support follow user and team
    • Support send messages to user and team
  • New user center
    • Clear function modules: Project, Team, Modules, Libraries, Friend, Notification,Message, Recycle Bin
    • Powerful project management
    • Support project archive
    • New team management
    • Support project and libraries and team transfer to others
  • New editor UI,
    • New editor menu, clear up Open and Import function
    • New icons
    • Separate the super menu
  • New Libraries Search
    • The clear libraries types
    • More information display
      Improvements search, support LCSC part number search
    • Support display team and user libraries which were you followed
  • New document format
    • Libraries has global unique ID
    • New multi-schematics display, like a workbook of Excel
    • Global annotation, Global netlabels
    • Document histories recover
  • New footprint manager
    • Support footprints’ pad number display
      Improvements layout
  • New projects display
    • Access-Control change to Add member
    • Support sort and stick project
    • Combine access control and team project to project panel
  • New Gerber generate dialog
    • Support PCB order reference price online caculating
    • Gerber viewer transfer to JLCPCB
    • PCB Order transfer to JLCPCB


  • Support schematics offline printing
  • Add update instruction dialog
  • Right-hand attributes panel support scroll bar
  • Improve document and project right-click menu
  • Footprint manager support SHIFT key to batch select
  • New documents, projects, libraries support select owner
  • Improve the footprint placing location when using import changes
  • Fixed Netlist export
  • Gerber unit follow the PCB unit
  • Fixed some Gerber drill holes will offset issue when it open with CAM350
  • EElib add Zener diode
  • Support Alitum, Eagle, KiCAD sub-part import
  • Footprint support import DXF
  • PCB import image support more units
  • LCSC libraries add verify and SMT icon, verify:which is verified by EasyEDA, SMT: which is assembled by JLCPCB in the future
  • Local Auto router aupport MacOS(64bit)
  • Editor support Vietnamese language
  • Experience improvements and bug fixed

What is new in v5.1.3



  • Solved the auto router will remove the existing tracks when disable the “Remove the Existing Tracks” option issue, we change this option to “Skip the Routed Nets”.
  • Fixed the script can’t be saved issue.
  • Fixed Chrome 62 and greater version the SVG preview doesn’t work issue.
  • Fixed the global delete can’t delete the arc track issue.

  • Forecast:

  • What‘s new of the next major release?
    please refer to:

What is new in v4.11.9



  • Fixed copper area can’t generate the clearance issue.
  • Fixed simulation can’t run issue.

What is new in v4.11.5



  • Fixed the connect pad to pad function of the PCB tool.
  • Fixed when copy and paste the pads the pad number doesn’t increase issue.
  • Fixed the footprint manager will show red issue when the footprint has the same pad number.
  • Fixed when autoroute or change the track layer will cause the double via issue.
  • Improved mutil-layer pad change to single layer experience.
  • Fixed when measure the pad inside don’t show the result issue.
  • New KiCAD Symbols and Footprints.
  • Improved the annotate function.
  • Fixed some special situations will cause the copper area function don’t work properly issue.
  • Improved when close the snap the wire did not connect correctly issue.
  • Remove shortcut key G(Avoid to close the Snap function by accidentally, that will make the wire to detach the PIN) and ctrl+shift+v(Invalid function).
  • Fixed when the PCB import change with the no pad footprint will make the excursion issue.

What is new in v4.10.3



  • Improved the efficiency for delete much tracks. Before, it takes a few minutes to delete 1000+ tracks, now, it only takes a few seconds.
  • Fixed the problem that the ratline will not disappear after routing.
  • Fixed the problem that the copper area will not disappear after deleting the copper.

What is new in v4.10.2



  • Fixed netlabel can’t be connected issue.

What is new in v4.10.1


New Features:

  • New menu of “Help”.
  • New Function: Cross Probe and Place, hotkey “ctrl + shift + x”.
  • Local auto router support Linux (64bit).


  • Optimized the sort rule of nets in the schematic.
  • Optimized the multi-netlabel in one wire display in the schematic design manager.
    In the earlier version, when you place a component at a wire, its net name will change, and if you update to PCB, the tracks and net name will be change too. but since this verison, that problem is fixed, but the earlier PCB tracks and net name we can’t keep the same as before, If you want to keep the PCB layout, you’d better use the Convert to PCB rather than Update PCB.
  • Improved the schematic drawing is not fluent issue.
  • Fixed the footprint title with space will cause the footprint update fail issue.
  • Fixed when paste the copy with right click will make undo fail issue.
  • Fixed when change the PIN length cause the rotation error issue.
  • Fixed the text alignment issue.
  • Improved the Firefox zoom in and zoom out fluency.
  • Fixed the special charaters will cause the auto router fail issue.
  • Fixed the circle copper area will casue the edge rag issue.
  • Improved BOM export.
  • Added milimeter unit for Pick and place file output. The unit follow the PCB unit setting.

What is new in v4.9.3

  • Local Auto Router

  • To solve the auto router always busy, we provide the local auto router function now.

Before run the local auto router, you have to configure the browser, for more information please refer: PCB Layout - Route Tracks - Local Auto Router

  • Export the Altium Designer file format

  • Now EasyEDA is support to export the Altium Designer file format, because of this is the first version, maybe have some problem we haven’t found, please check carefully when you open at Altium Designer.

    The more information please refer to : Export - Export to Altium Designer

What is new in v4.8.5

  • Footprint Manager Enhanced

  • 1.Footprint manager will check your part’s footprint correct or not automatically. If the part without the footprint or this footprint doesn’t exist in EasyEDA Libraries, or if the part’s Pins Number doesn’t correspond the footprint’s Pads Number correctly, the footprint manager will show the red alert.
    Notice: If your schematic have many different footprints, the footprint manager will take a few seconds to compare the footprints’ pads and your components’ pins. Please wait for it.

  • 2.In the preview area, you can zoom in, zoom out and pan with mouse.

  • LCSC Assembly Components

  • We add an LCSC Assembly Components option of the Parts, It was be contained in LCSC Parts, It’s easy to choose which component can be assembled by LCSC.
    Yes, We will provide the assembly service at end of this year.

  • Buy Components From LCSC More Easily

  • We change the BOM export location in at LCSC.

  • When you click “Export BOM at LCSC”, we will help you to list all the components of your BOM, and you just need to put them to the cart and check out.

  • And Click the “BOM”button to download the BOM file.

  • Documents Tab Switch

  • It’s easy to fit your documents tab location.

  • Protractor

  • We add a protractor for PCB tools.

What is new in v4.6.4

  • New Footprint Manager

  • In this version we provide a powerful footprint manager tool. It supports batch modifying component footprints. For more detail please refer to the Footprint Manager section.

  • New Arc tool

  • A new arc tool which is center point fixed, and you can change the radius easily.

  • Global Delete

  • Have you been upset because you couldn’t delete the same units of schematic or PCB. Now we tried to solve this problem via the global delete feature. You can globally delete the same units of your choice easily.

  • Move selected component

  • When moving the selected component, the connected wire will move vertically and horizontally.

  • BOM export on the top toolbar

  • In the BOM export dialog,you can assign LCSC part’s order code for your components.

  • After clicking on the assign icon,the components and footprints search dialog will open in which you can choose the component that you want to assign.

  • More Align options

  • The Editor provides more alignment options as below. These options can make your design more convenient.

  • Import enhance

  • New Altium Design Import
    It is faster and better, and it support big files. Please make sure that you save the file as ASCII before importing.

  • Better DXF Import
    Importing DXF file to PCB is better.

What is new in the V4.5.6

After 7 years of development, EasyEDA are pleased to announce the new version: V4.5.6. which introduces many new features. Try it at

  • New UI
    Before V4.5, EasyEDA’s UI is not professional, now we redesign the icons and theme.
  • LCSC
    EasyEDA partner with China’s largest electronic components online store by customers and ordering quantity launch
  • LCSC means Love Components? Save Cost! We suggest our users to use LCSC parts to design. Why?
    1. Small Quantity & Global Shipping.
    1. More Than 25,000 Kinds of Components.
    1. All components are genuine.
    1. It is easy to order co after design.
    1. You can save 40% cost at least.
    1. You can use our symbols and footprint.
  • Cross Probe in Schematic and PCB
    This tool is used to cross probe from chosen objects on the current schematic to its corresponding counterparts in the PCB, or from PCB Footprints to corresponding counterparts in the schematic.
    Note, you need to open the schematics and PCB. Don’t forget to use hotkey SHIFT+X
    Thanks to this topic
  • Board outline wizard
    Some users want to set very precision board outlines, now we can do in this way. Open your PCB, find the menu via toolbar.
    Then you can see such a dialog.
    In this dialog, we provide 3 type board outline setting, Rectangular , Circular, Round Rect.
    If you need other complex board outline, you can import a DXF file.
  • Change Supper Menu position
    In old version, the supper menu is a bit litter hard to find, now we set it at a good place.
  • New Design Manger
    The old design manager is hard to find too, now we move it to the left panel.
    We hope you enjoy the new version!
    And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know. [email protected]

What is new in the V4.1.1.X

After 7 years of development, EasyEDA are pleased to announce the new version: V4.1.1. which introduces many new features. Try it at

  • 2017 Spring Festival Notification
    Please check this link 2017 Spring Festival Notification

  • EasyEDA ambitions in 2017
    1. Provide components ordering with your PCB.
    So you can not only order your PCB from us; you will also be able to order many common components directly from us. We will ship the components with your PCB so saving you lots of time and money because there’s no need to hunt for components and compare pricing from big name suppliers.
    2. Provide PCB assembly service.
    For a long time, EasyEDA has been able to provide a PCB assembly service but up to now just a few customers who chat with us via email know about this service. In 2017, we will make this service public. So after you design the PCB, we will not only help you to source the components but we will kit and assemble them onto your PCB before shipping the completed PCBs to you. That way, you can focus more of your time and effort into the design and debug tasks.

  • New EasyEDA libs
    From this version, we have changed the EasyEDA Libs to try make it easier to find, place and order components and to make schematic conversion to PCB simpler. Placing any component from the EasyEDA Libs into a schematic will therefore also automatically complete the PCB footprint and all the required BoM information fields.
    For Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor symbols, EasyEDA now provides the components with footprint selection and provides dedicated US styles and IEC styles
    For other common parts such as discretes and ICs, we now provide symbols for components with specific footprints and which can be ordered from EasyEDA.
    For the Connector section,
    EasyEDA now provides Header-Male, Header-Female, Screw Terminal, IDC box, RJ45, RJ11, USB and audio interface. All of these components can be ordered straight from EasyEDA with your PCB.

  • Note however that this is a big change from the earlier versions of the EasyEDA Libs because from V4.1.1 most of the non-passive components in the EasyEDA Libs will no longer have spice models attached to them.
    Schematic symbols with spice simulation models attached to them can now be found using the More Libraries… button (or SHIFT+F) under System Components > Spice Simulation
    So, you do need to spend some time to explore these changes.
  • Images for EasyEDA components.
    Sometimes, it can be hard to visualise what a component really looks like just from footprint or schematic symbols, so now we provide real product images, photographed against a 1mm grid for reference,
  • Work as a team
    Before EasyEDA version V4, if you wanted to work together with your partners, you had to use the Add Member function.
    Access Control has lots of limitations on who can create projects, schematics and PCBs and more importantly, when you try to convert your schematics to PCB, you may find that some footprints create error messages which can be hard to track down.
    Now EasyEDA provides a new team feature with which you can work seamlessly with your partners. You can work as if everyone is logged in under the same account, with full access to all components, Schematics, PCBs and Projects.

  • How to find the team function.
    Under the dashboard , there is a team section.

  • How to create a team.
    There is a link as shown in the image above, or click this link after you login.

  • How to switch to team model.
    1) switch in the dashboard.
    After you have created a team, click the team name and the dashboard will switch to showing only the team projects, files and components.
    After switching to a team, there is a team management section where you can manage your team members, invite new team members and even delete the team.
    2) switch in the editor.
    Under your personal menu, there is a sub menu allowing you to switch to a team or to your personal account.

  • How to Upgrade to a team
    If you want to contribute all of your designs to a team, you can use this function. First you need to create a team, then click the link, shown below, under dashboard.
    Be careful with this function because after you do that, all of your components, projects will be moved to your team.

  • Tips about the team function.

  1. If you switch to a team, you can’t automatically use any footprints which you have created under your personal account. You need to Favorite your personal footprint first.
  2. You need to be aware that your team and your personal accounts are the different, separate accountsand that you can’t use them both at the same time.
  3. After making yourself the owner of a team, it is best to create any Components and footprints needed by the team under that team.
  4. If you add a member, nominated to be your accountant, to your team then they can deal the team billing and invoices.
  • Warning
    After you modify a PCB, please remember to rebuild the copper area before placing the final PCB order.
    In a few weeks time, we will introduce the feature that EasyEDA will force you to rebuild the copper area before placing the final PCB order but for now you need to remember: Easyeda does not rebuild the copper area automatically for you before placing your order.
  • Desktop Version beta version
    A download link for this will be available soon.

We hope you enjoy the new version!
And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know.

What is new in the V3.10.X

The new version EasyEDA, V3.10.x. introduces lots of new features. Try it at

  • Better Mac User Experience
    Please note that when running EasyEDA on a Mac, for the best user experience, we recommend using Chrome instead of Safari.

  • 1. Pan

    • When Using the Mouse
      Hold down the right click and move your mouse and the canvas will pan with the cursor.
      Before using the Magic Mouse, you need to enable the right click function via this video.,

    • When Using the Touchpad
      Hold down the SHIFT key then move a single finger: the canvas will pan horizontally.
      Hold down the CONTROL key then move a single finger: the canvas will pan vertically.

  • 2. Zoom

    • When Using the Mouse
      Scroll the middle button of the mouse (or Magic mouse).

    • When Using the Touchpad
      Sliding a single finger up zooms in and sliding down zooms out.

  • New Pad attribute.
    New Slot and Plated attributes have been added for the hole in a pad as illustrated in the image below

  • Components
    The component search function has been significantly improved to make finding part symbols and footprints quicker and easier. Press hot key SHIFT+F or click it via toolbar
    In the new components dialog, it is easy to select the right components via tags and you can set tags for your own components.

  • New Dialog
    When creating a schematic lib, there is an input dialog for entering sourcing information, such as supplier information, supplier part number and datasheet. Information can be added at the time the schematic lib is created or these steps can be skipped at this stage and add these later.

  • New Component attribute
    The new version of EasyEDA adds a Mounted attribute at the component, to simplify the identification and kitting of optional components which may be fitted in one assembly but not in another. This attribute can be set to YES to list the part in the BoM. If the Mounted attribute is set to NO as illustrated in the image below then the part will not be listed in the BOM.

  • Components search dialog
    If the EasyEDA Components option is selected, then a dialog opens as illustrated in the image below.
    EasyEDA team has spent a lot of time to build these EasyEDA Components components and footprints and we recommend them as preferred components, because the footprints have been carefully checked and verified, the footprints have been designed for reliable soldering by our PCB manufacturing and because these components can all be ordered directly from EasyEDA.
    There are several other categories to explore but these components may need more carefully checking or may be a little harder to source.

  • New search filter
    When updating a footprint, using new filter terms, it is now possible to search only for a symbol or only for a footprint. For example in the filter entry below:
    AXIAL doctype:pcb
    the filter term:
    will just search for a PCB footprint with the name AXIAL.
    Similarly, the filter term:
    will just search for components (symbols) without listing footprints.
  • Synchronous schematic and PCB
    Converting a schematic to PCB can be done using the Convert Project to PCB... button as illustrated in the toolbar below but a new update PCB button has been added so that modifications to the schematic can immediately be passed forward to update the a selected PCB without having the PCB editor window already open.
  • Add Frame
    It is now possible to add design notes to the frame and the frame selection, for example A4, can assist in aligning and improve the look of printed schematics and PCB designs.
    click the frame button like bellow image
    As illustrated in the image below:
    the bottom right zone can be selected and dragged or the frame can be dragged and deleted.
  • Hide the simulation button
    EasyEDA’s simulation function is powerful but it is not easy to use. Many of our users run a schematic which, for example, may include symbols or blocks - such Wifi modules, MCU, DSP and ADC devices - for which no simulation models exist. This can be very discouraging and frustrating, especially for users that are new to simulation and - because it is a CPU intensive task - at the same time can also waste lots of CPU resource at the expense of other tasks such as autorouting and rendering on larger PCBs.
    To reduce the casual use of simulaton we have taken the decision, not to remove it but to simply hide the simulation button from the tool bar. Simulations can still be constructed and saved exactly as before but they can now only be run using the CTRL+R to run the simulation and we strongly recommend first studying - and trying out the many examples in - the EasyEDA Simulation eBook.

  • Desktop version coming soon
    EasyEDA will provide a desktop version for offline use.

We hope you enjoy the new version!
And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know.

What is new in the V3.2.X

The new version is V3.2.x. EasyEDA has lots of new features in the version. Try it via

  • Invite Friends to Win a Gift
    If you like to help your friends to use this nice web based EDA tool, you can invite him/her to join EasyEDA. At the same time, you and your friends will get a $5 coupon to order PCB from EasyEDA. Why not to give this feature a try?
    Click this link invite your friends now

  • Version History
    It is easy to get this fundtion, right click the document which you need to find it’s version like bellow image
    After clicking the history version link, you will get a list of all of the versions like bellow image.
    click the version number, you can open the saved file on the editor, if this is what you need, you can save it to your project and delete your bad file.

  1. Now all of the versions are marked as number, we will allow you to add a tag soon.
  2. Don’t save your files too frequently, or you will get lots of versions and hardly to find the exact one.
  • Auto Router
    For some simply or prototype PCBs, you may want to use the auto router function to save time. Layout is a time cost and dull job. EasyEDA spends lots of time to provide such featureand loved by our users.
  • 1 Click the the auto router button from the toolbar
  • 2 Config the auto router
    After you click that button, you will get a config dialog like bellow image.
    In the config dialog, you can set some rules to make the auto router profession.
    If you want to keep the routed tracks, you need unchecked the Ripup Nets
    The real time check box will let you see how it is going, but it will make the process a bit litter slow.
    If you like to keep the a net no route, you can skip it. For example, if you want to use copper area to connect GND net, you can skip the GND net.
    For the power supply track, you may want it to bigger, then you can add some specail rules.
  • 3 Run it
    Click the run button, waiting for a few seconds, after add bottom and top copper area, you will get a finished PCB board like bellow image.
    Some time, if you can’t get it done, try bellow tips.
  1. Skip the GND nets, add copper area to GND net.
  2. use small tracks and small clearance, but make sure the value is more than 6mil.
  3. Routing some key tracks manual before auto router.
  4. Add more layers, 4 layers or 6 layers
    Some profession guys don’t like the auto router, because they think auto router is not profession, but you can the auto router to check your placement. to check the density of your PCB.
  • Insert Image/Logo to PCB
    On PCB and Footprint editor, there is a new feature on the PCB Tool bar like the bellow image.
    After click it and select the image, you will goto bellow image.
    In this dialog, you can choose your favorite image, EasyEDA support jpg, BMP, ‘PNG, 'GIF, and SVG. not likes some other EDA tools, they just support a Monochrome Bitmap image, EasyEDA support full color. but Monochrome Bitmap is welcome.
    You can adjust the tolerance and reset the image size at there.
    The image will be inserted to the active layer, if it is not right, you can change the attribute of it. Such as TopSilkLayer.
  • More Fonts for PCB
    From V3.2.x, You can add more fonts from your computer or download some free fonts .
    Select the text, then you can find a Font-family attribute on the right panel like bellow image.
    Click the add button, then choose the font, the font file must be ttf or otf.
    So you can add any fonts by your self. EasyEDA desn’t cache the font on our server, so if you close the editor, you need to add the font again by your self.
    If you use the other font, the LineWidth attribute is useless, because it will be auo by change the Height.
  • Change Attributes in Batch on PCB Editor
    Some times, we need to change some attributes in the same together, such as the track width, hole size and font size.
    Now, you can select them and do some changes. Taking the track for an example. If you select 3 tracks, now you can change their Width, Layer, Net together.
    Other items such as Pad, Via, and TEXT, you can try to play this feature.

  • New Track Style
    When routing, some time we need to add an Arc segment, or change the inflection direction. Now we can do this easily.
    Change to Arc style, You can use Hot key L to toggle from 45 degree to Arc.
    You can change inflection direction when router, from A to B, we have two ways.
    When you router from A to B, the default track is 1, but if you press Space bar key, the track will be changed to 2.

  • Modules
    Copying codes is an easy job for coders, now copy and reuse a schematic or PCB are easy now.
    Take a power supply unit for example, you can save this unit as a schematic module.
    After saving, you can find it at the module section. And you can place the whole block to your schematic.

  • Get a Invoice After PCB Order
    For company users, after order PCB, they may need an invoice, you can find it at .
    History orders. There is an invoice link, you can open it and save it as pdf or html file.

  • Contribute Your Symbols and footprint to EasyEDA
    Right click your parts, you can share symbols and footprint to EasyEDA system libs, then, every one can use them as their own parts.
  • Delete a Segment from a Track
    In lots of other EDA tools, the track is segment line, but in EasyEDA, the track is polyline. some time, if we want to delete a segment, we must delete the whole track and router again. Now we provide a not bad way to do this. Moving your mouse to the segment which you want to delete, click it, then hold the SHIFT and double click it. the segment will be removed.
  • Change Cursor Style
    Some users don’t like the cross cursor, so you can change it to arrow cursor like bellow image.
  • Better Navigation Bar for Components.
    On How To Find The Schematic Libraries, you can find a way to use many many components and footprint, now EasyEDA provide a great navigation bar on the top. You can use some open source parts and Pololu Module , like bellow image.

Enjoy it, if you have any questions, do let us know.