The import function is in beta now, please check your design carefully after importing.

Some design rules are not yet supported by EasyEDA.

Import Schematic and PCB

  1. You can import Altium Designer’s Schematic and PCB files into EasyEDA but the format must be ASCII files, so you need to save the designs as Ascii files like this.

Schematic saved as “Advanced Schematic ascii (*.SchDoc)”

PCB save as “PCB ASCII File (*.PcbDoc)”

Then import it using: File - Open - Altium…

picture 29

EasyEDA offers an excellent experience in importing Altium Designer’s Schematic and PCB as you can see from the image below of a schematic imported from Altium Designer:

If your schematic and PCB are Protel 99se format files, please open in Altium Designer and save as ASCII format, and then import them. EasyEDA does not support Protel 99se file format directly.

  1. If you import Altium schematic and some text becomes unreadable, please encode your ASCII file with UTF-8.


  • EasyEDA does not currently support importing Altium PCB rules.
  • EasyEDA does not currently support importing Altium PCB inner layers, please modify manually after imported.
  • EasyEDA does not currently support importing the Altium IEEE symbol in the schematic.
  • Please do not export your design to Altium and then import it again as this may cause some details to be lost!!!
  • If the Altium file is large it may take a long time to import, removing the copper layer before importing can improve the speed.
  • Border processing logic for imported Altium PCB files: keep-out is converted to border layer, board shape is converted to document layer, mechanical, etc. are converted to mechanical layer
  • After PCB is imported, it will automatically rebuild and copper area. The result of copper area will be different, please check carefully.

Import Altium libraries

Altium Designer’s Schematic and Footprint libraries are not available as ASCII files, EasyEDA can’t import them directly, so how can you import them?

In the Import file from your computer dialog to the right of File Operation; tick the Extract Libs option and EasyEDA will extract all the libs from the Schematic files or PCB Files.

So, if you want to import Altium Designer’s Libs, you can add them to your Altium Designer Schematic or PCB and then extract them again into your EasyEDA library.

picture 30

Import Eagle

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Import KiCAD

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