How can you create irregular board outlines or complex board outline in EasyEDA?
This is sometimes needed when you are designing a PCB for an enclosure that may have a curved profile, or other unavoidable mechanical features that must be accounted for in the design.

EasyEDA supports importing DXF into PCB.

Find the import DXF menu under the file menu. Use: File - Import - DXF

picture 31

After selecting the *.DXF file, you will find a dialog as shown below

picture 32

EasyEDA provides some options, units(mm, cm, mil, inch), and selecting the layer to which the shapes will be applied.

When importing DXF into schematic or symbols, the units are pixels.

After clicking the import button, you will find them on your PCB canvas.

You can try this to import this example by yourself. DXF example

Please note:

  1. The file must have a *.dxf filename extension.
  2. The circles will be converted to holes if you choose the layer as board outline.
  3. There are some items which are not supported, such as Mirror, spiral line etc.
  4. If the DXF objects were grouped, please ungroup them before importing.
  5. Do not import a large DXF to copper layer directly, it will be very slow and appear to be hung in the editor.