Import Image to Schematic

When you select Image from the Drawing Tools palette, an image place holder will be inserted into the canvas:

Select the place holder, so you can see the image’s attributes in the right hand Properties panel:

Set the URL of your image. For example, setting the URL to:

will make your image look like this:

Please note: at present, EasyEDA cannot host images, so you need to upload your images to an image sharing site such as

Import Image to PCB

On PCB and Footprint editor, there is a nice feature on the PCB Tools bar.

After clicking on the image icon, you will see the Insert Image window as below.

In this dialog, you can choose your favorite image, EasyEDA support JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and SVG. Unlike some other EDA tools which only support a Monochrome Bitmap image, EasyEDA supports full color, but Monochrome Bitmap is welcome.

You can adjust the color tolerance, simplify level and reset the image size there.

And you can select shape invert.

The image will be inserted to the active layer, if it is not right, you can change the attribute. Such as TopSilkLayer.