EasyEDA support import KiCAD v4.06 and greater version KiCAD files, if the KiCAD files version less then v4.06, please open them at the latest KiCAD and save as a new one, and then import them.
The KiCAD project files need to be compressed as zip file before importing.

picture 34

  • If you only want to import the PCB, you just need to ZIP the PCB file and then import it.
  • If you want to import the schematic, you must ZIP the schematic and symbols together, suggested using KiCAD archive tool when open the project in KiCAD, it will including the symbols in the ZIP file automatically.
    picture 2


  • For the KiCAD special symbols such as Power symbol (Power Flag(PWR_FLAG)), EasyEDA will convert them as the symbol not Netflag, you can delete them if you don’t need them.
  • The PCB design rule doesn’t support yet.
  • KiCAD has been update document format since KiCad v5.1.3, if you importing fail, please try the lower version. It is waiting for fixed.