When you are satisfied with your schematic design and simulation results, you can then quickly proceed to produce your finished and populated PCB without leaving EasyEDA.

EasyEDA’s PCB Design canvas helps you to quickly and easily lay out even complex multilayer designs from schematics you have already created in the Schematic canvas or directly as a layout with no schematic.

  • Passing an EasyEDA Schematic into the PCB Design editor is as easy as clicking a button: Just click the Convert to PCB via: “Menu - Design - Convert to PCB”.
    picture 50
  • EasyEDA has extensive footprints. You can also build up your own library of unusual and specialized parts by copying and modifying existing parts or from scratch using EasyEDA’s powerful footprint creation and editing tools.
    picture 51
  • In a similar way as in the Schematic design canvas, to help you locate items and navigate your way around when working in the PCB Design canvas there is a PCB Design Manager.
    Left Navigation Panel > Design Manager
    The PCB Design Manager is a very powerful tool for finding components, tracks (nets) and pads (Net Pads).
    Clicking on any item highlights the component and pans it to the center of the window.
    picture 52
  • You can set up layers used in the PCB and their display colours and visibility using
    Top Menu - Tools - Layer Manager…
    picture 53
    The active layer and layer visibility can be selected using the Layers Toolbar.
    picture 54
  • Default track widths, clearances and via hole dimensions can all be configured in the Design Rule Check dialog which is opened via:
    Top Menu > Design > Design Rule…
    picture 55
    From first setting up the Design Rule Check (DRC) at the start of your board layout, running a DRC is almost the last step in checking your PCB design before you generate Gerber and Drill files for board manufacture ready to place your order for a finished PCB.

  • The last step is to check the Gerber and Drill files using an easy way it is to install and use Free and Open Source Software Gerber Viewer: Gerbv:

  • While you are waiting for your PCB to be delivered, you can create a Bill of Materials (BOM) via:
    File > Export BOM… or Top Menu - Fabrication - BOM…
    picture 56

  • And you can produce professional quality SVG, .png or .pdf output files for your documentation.

PCB Designs can be shared with colleagues and made public in the same way as Schematics.
The size of PCB that you can produce using EasyEDA is almost unlimited: designs of over 100cm * 100cm are possible … but you might need a powerful computer for that.

EasyEDA supports up to 6 layer PCBs by default but it is capable of handling more, so if you need more layers then please contact us.

Search footprints

Searching footprints is the same as searching symbols by using Library in the Schematic.
You can place the selected footprints in the canvas after the search.