Sharing your work with others is a big feature of web based EDA tools and EasyEDA is no exception in offering you some nice features.

Did you create a really cool project with EasyEDA? Show it off and be super helpful to other EasyEDA users, you just need to set your projects to public, so others can explore your circuits.

All projects in EasyEDA are set to private by default, your private project can not be shared with anyone.
i.e. to make it public, you should right click and edit your existing project to be a Public project:

  • At the Workspace, click Share icon when the mouse hover the project cover, it will ask you to confirm.
    picture 59
    Or enter project manage page, via “Workspace > Project > Manage > Settings > Basci > Project proerty:Public”

  • At the editor, you can right-click the project, click the Share menu, after setting the project as public.
    picture 60