While using an EDA tool suite, clicking all over the place with a mouse can get very tedious and seriously reduces your productivity. Keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys avoid much of that. EasyEDA not only provides many hotkeys, but also every hotkey can be reconfigured to your personal preference.

Under the Setting menu, click the Hotkeys Setting… Menu which will open the Hotkey Setting dialog.
picture 61

To change a Hotkey, click anywhere in the row for the hotkey you want to change and then press your new key.

For example, if you want to use R instead of space to rotate selected objects, click on the first row, then press R.

After changing any hotkey, you must click the Save Changes button.

The docType column describes which type of EasyEDA document each hotkey applies to. docType has three types:

  • ALL: any document type in EasyEDA.
  • SCH: schematic and schematic libs
  • PCB: PCB and Footprints.

The functions of some hotkeys may change between docTypes. For example, the hotkey C draws an Arc in SCH but draws a circle in PCB.

A list of all the available default hotkeys is given below.

All document

DocType Shortcut Function
All Space Rotate selected objects
All Right-Click Keep right-click to pan canvas; Open offset dialog when select one object
All Left Scroll Or Move selected left
All Right Scroll or Move selected right
All Up Scroll or Move selected up
All Down Scroll or Move selected down
All TAB Change object’s attributes when placing; Open offset dialog when selecting an object
All Esc Cancel current drawing
All Home setting new canvas origin
All Delete Delete Selected
All F1 Open tutorials
All F11 Full screen at browser
All A Zoom In
All Z Zoom Out
All D Drag
All K Fit Window
All R Rotate selected objects
All X Flip Horizontal(doesn’t support footprint)
All Y Flip Vertical(doesn’t support footprint)
All ALT+F5 Full screen at browser
All ALT+W Close current tab
All SHIFT+ALT+W Close all tabs
All CTRL+X Cut
All CTRL+C Copy
All CTRL+V Paste
All CTRL+A Select All
All CTRL+Z Undo
All CTRL+Y Redo
All CTRL+S Save
All CTRL+F Find Component
All CTRL+D Design Manager
All CTRL+Home Open canvas origin setting dialog
All SHIFT+1 Cycle forward to next open tabbed document
All SHIFT+2 Cycle backward to next open tabbed document
All SHIFT+X Cross Probe
All SHIFT+F Search Library
All SHIFT+Drag Cursor snap to part’s origin
All SHIFT+ALT+H Align horizontal centers
All SHIFT+ALT+E Align verticas centers
All CTRL+SHIFT+L Align left
All CTRL+SHIFT+R Align right
All CTRL+SHIFT+O Align top
All CTRL+SHIFT+B Align bottom
All CTRL+SHIFT+G Align grid
All CTRL+SHIFT+H Distribute Horizontally
All CTRL+SHIFT+E Distribute Vertically
All CTRL+SHIFT+F Find similar objects


DocType Shortcut Function
Schematic W Draw Wire
Schematic B Draw Bus
Schematic U Bus Entry
Schematic N NetLabel
Schematic P Place Pin
Schematic L Draw Polyline
Schematic O Draw Polygon
Schematic Q Draw Bezier
Schematic C Draw Arc
Schematic S Draw Rect
Schematic E Draw Ellipse
Schematic F Freehand Draw
Schematic T Place Text
Schematic I Edit Selected Symbol
Schematic CTRL+Q NetFlag VCC
Schematic CTRL+G NetFlag GND
Schematic F8 Run the Document Simulation
Schematic CTRL+J Open the Simulation Setting
Schematic CTRL+SHIFT+X Cross Probe and Place
Schematic SHIFT+T Open symbol wizard
Schematic ALT+F Open footprint manager


DocType Shortcut Function
PCB W Draw Track
PCB U Draw Arc
PCB C Draw Circle
PCB N Draw Dimension
PCB S Draw Text
PCB O Draw Connect
PCB E Draw copperArea
PCB T Change To TopLayer; Change selected part to toplayer
PCB B Change To BottomLayer; Change selected part to bottomlayer
PCB 1 Change To Inner1
PCB 2 Change To Inner2
PCB 3 Change To Inner3
PCB 4 Change To Inner4
PCB P Place Pad
PCB Q Change canvas unit
PCB V Place Via
PCB M Measure
PCB H Highlight Net all the time, press it again cancel highlight
PCB L Change Route Angle
PCB - Decrease Routing Width; Switch to the forward signal layer
PCB + Increase Routing Width; Switch to the next signal layer
PCB * Cycle switch to the next signal layer
PCB Delete Delete selected object; Undo the track when routing
PCB ALT– Decrease Snap Size
PCB ALT++ Increase Snap Size
PCB CTRL+R Depend on reference point for copy object repeatly
PCB CTRL+L Open layer manager
PCB CTRL+Q Hide/show network text
PCB SHIFT+M Remove All Copper Area fill data
PCB SHIFT+B Rebuild All Copper Area
PCB SHIFT+D Move Object(s) by reference point
PCB SHIFT+G Display track length while routing
PCB SHIFT+W Show favorite track width while routing
PCB SHIFT+R Change routing conflict
PCB SHIFT+S Toggle layers which is not active
PCB SHIFT+Double Click Delete selected track segment
PCB CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste object(s) and keep the prefix, and hide the ratline layer
PCB CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE Change routing angle, same as hotkey L
PCB CTRL+ALT+L Enable all layers
Footprint CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+D Open custom data dialog