EasyEDA Editor has a clearly and friendly user interface. You can use its every function very easily when you become familiar with EasyEDA.


Before using the Filter, you need to select what module you need in the left navigation panel, and then you can find projects,files, parts and footprints quickly and easily just by typing a few letters of the title. For example, if you want to find all files containing “NE555” in the title, just type “555”, it is non-case-sensitive.

The Filter could only find projects, files and part titles and names. It does not support the Descriptions and Content fields.

Click the X to clear the filter.

The Navigation panel is very important for EasyEDA: The part that you can find all your projects, files, parts and footprints.


Here, You can find all of your projects that are private or shared with the public, or fork from someone else’s. These options have a content menu when you drop down to Projects and right click an item, you will get a tree menu like :
picture 62


EElib means EasyEDA Libraries, It provides lots of components completed with simulation models, many of which have been developed for EasyEDA to make your simulation experience easier.

Design Manager

Design Manager, you can check each component and net easily, and it will provide DRC(Design rule check) to help your design better.


Contains schematic symbols and PCB footprints for many available components and projects and your own libs and modules will show up here.
picture 63

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Top Menu

A most of EasyEDA features can find out at top menu:
picture 64

You can find what you need easier and clearly.

Preview Dialog

The Preview dialog will help you choose components and footprints and can help you to identify schematics and PCB layouts.

You can close or open this dialog via:

Top Menu > View > Preview Window.
picture 65

  • The Preview Dialog has a resizing handle in the bottom right corner.
  • The Preview Dialog can’t be closed but double clicking on the top banner will roll up the panel or you can click the top right corner . Double clicking top banner again toggles it back to the selected size.

Wiring Tools

Wiring Tools are document type sensitive: different document types have different tools.

picture 66

Drawing Tools

To keep EasyEDA’s UI clean and sharp, the Wiring and Drawing tools palettes can be resized horizontally, rolled up or hidden so if you want to focus on drawing, you can roll up or hide the others to make more space and reduce the clutter.

picture 67

Canvas Attributes

You can find the canvas Properties setting by clicking on any of the blank space in the canvas.

Background and grid colors and the style, size, visibility and snap attributes of the grid can all be configured.

The canvas area can be set directly by the Width and Height or from available preset frame sizes.


This is where it all happens! This the area where you create and edit your schematics, PCB layouts, symbols, footprints and other drawings, run simulations and display WaveForm traces.