EasyEDA provide a simple but powerful version control feature. Each version is independent, you can edit and save for every version.
When create the new project, it will be set the default version name as “master”, you can edit the name at the “Project Manage - Version” page.

You can create 10 versions for every project. The more versions you need to delete the older first.

Create New Verison

Via: Project folder - right-click menu - Version - New Version

At the new version dialog, you need to type the version’s name and description, and create it.

If you want to switch to new version, you have via “Version - Switch Version”.

Switch Version

Click “Switch”, the dialog will list current version and all version for this project, you can select one and switch to it.


  • Before switching the other version, you have to close the current version’s document manually first.
  • You only can open the current version’s document, if you want to open other’s version’s document, you have to swicth the version first.
  • If you not sure which verison it is, you can check it at “Switch Version” dialog to check “Current Version”, or hover the mouse cursor on the project folder.
    picture 71

Version Management

Via “Version Management”, will open the “Project Page - Version”.
Version page will list all versions, you can edit the versions’ name and description, or delete them. Current version can’t be deleted.