Just like Schematic’s Design Manager, PCB’s Design Manager can be found via:

Left Navigation panel > Design

or just press the CTRL+D hotkey to open the Design Manager dialog.

In this dialog, you can:

  1. Click a component to highlight it.

  2. Check/uncheck a component to show/hide it.

  3. Filter to find a component or net.

  4. Click a net to highlight the tracks/vias with the same net.

  5. Check/uncheck the net to show/hide the net. For example, very often you may want to use this to hide a GND or supply net which has had a copper flood added to turn it into a plane and then show it again later.

  6. Double click the net to remove all of the tracks and vias with the net name. If you want to reroute a net, this is the recommended method to use to un-route it first.