In PCB editor, if you want to generate Pick And Place as a CSV file, you can via:

Document > Export Pick and Place File

When you open the exported CSV file, you can see:

This file support two units “mm” and “mil”, it is followed the PCB unit setting.


  • Since v6.1, the bottom layer componets’ coordinate are mirrored by EasyEDA, you don’t need to mirror them again.

  • In order to support multiple languages, BOM and Pick and Place files (CSV file) are UNICODE encoded and tab-based. If the CSV file cannot be read by your components vendor or PCB manufacturer, please convert the encoding and change the delimiter.

  • Recommended solution: Save as a new CSV file in Excel or WPS. For example, open a CSV file in Excel, click or select: Save As - Other Formats - CSV (Comma Separated) (*. csv).
    You can also open the CSV file with any text editor (such as Windows Notepad) and save as ANSI or UTF-8 encoding. If necessary, replace all tabs with commas.