Photo View

EasyEDA provide a nice Photo View to help you to check the PCB.

Via: Topbar - Preview - Photo View.

There is a PhotoView button on the PCB document toolbar, like in the image below. If you can’t see this button, try to reload the PCB again.

After converting the PCB to Photo View, you can see the result as in the image below.

3D View

After click 3D view menu, the server will generate the 3D view file, when the editor loading finish, you will see a pretty cool 3D view.

  • Change 3D view attributes at the right-hand panel;
  • Reset the 3D PCB position at the left-bottom corner icon;
  • Keep left-click and drag the canvas can change the view direction;
  • Keep right-click and pan can change the 3D PCB position.

3D model view of the component please check “PCB - 3D Model Manager” and “Footprint - Import 3D Model” chapter.