via: Top Menu - Tools - Panelize

Panelize by Editor

At present, EasyEDA only support to panelize PCB itself, in order to decrease the file size, the panelized file only panelize the board outline.
Normally, all the PCB factory will support this panelized file, if you not sure, you need to contact your PCB factory support.

via: Top Menu - Tools - Panelize
picture 96

The Border height can not less then 3mm.

If you choose V-Cut, the editor will add the v-cut indication track on Board Outline layer at the Gerber.

Stamp Hole:

When you preview the Panelize Gerber at, you will get the image like below:

JLCPCB will take care of your design, they know how to do.

Panelize by Manually


  1. Select the whole board, hotkey CTRL+A.
  2. Copy the whole board by reference point, hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+C or CTRL+C. You can only copy and paste the board outline to become the panelize board.
  3. Paste the board via hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+V, this hotkey will keep the prefix and hide the ratline layer.
  4. Paste repeatly, after finish, rebuild the copper area with SHIFT+B, recommend draw copper area at the end.


  • If the board contains plane layer, it can not be panelized by manually, it will not generate the plane zone as you want.