EasyEDA has added a new tool Solid Region for PCB design

This is a very useful, quick way to connect Pads. You can draw a Solid Region to include all of these pads with same net name, then set the region to the same net name as the pads. It is like Copper Area but easier to use for small areas. To use Solid Region like this, set the Type attribute (in the right hand Properties panel) to Solid.

When you drawing the solid region, you can use the hotkey L and space to change the route type(Arc, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, Free Angle), just like the track routing.

When you finish drawing, you can click the solid region and change its attributes at the right-hand panel.

  • Layer: Solid Region support many layers, you need to enable the layer at the Layer Manager first.
  • Net: When change to top or bottom or other inner signal layer, the solid region can be set a net to connect other objects. Sometimes, you can use solid region to make the copper instead of “Copper Area”.
  • Type: Solid, NPTH, Cutout
    • Solid: It will fill the solid area.
    • NPTH: NPTH(Non Plated Through Hole), you can use this feature to create a slot hole(Non Plated Through Hole).
    • Cutout: It will cutout the area such as copper area.
  • Edit Points: You can edit the solid region’s outline points as you want.
  • Create Solder Mask: You can create the solder mask by one click. Its very easier.

The outline of the solid region can not be self-intersection, when it happens, please delete the self-interation point at “Edit Points”.