Import 3D File

EasyEDA supports for importing 3D models, PCB can view cool 3D models when doing 3D preview. Exporting PCB 3D model files is not supported yet.

  1. Draw or download 3D model:

Note: currently only 3D models in WRL and obj are supported. WRL can be imported directly without the need for compression; Obj must be compressed into a zip file with the MLT file and then imported, and the MLT file is usually taken with you when you download the obj file. Other formats of 3D files wii be supported in the future.

Note that file suffixes cannot be capitalized.

Download address: MLT files are automatically downloaded when obj files are downloaded.

  1. Create a new 3D library in “Top Meun - New - PCB 3D Lib”.

  1. Import 3D model. You can check which 3D model you want to import.

  1. Open the PCB or PCB library
  1. Find “Top menu - Tools - 3D Model Manager”

  1. Specify the imported 3D model for the corresponding package, which is basically consistent with the package manager operation. For the specific use of the tutorial, please see: PCB - 3D Model Manager

  1. Adjust the position and parameter relationship between the 3D model and PCB packaging, and click update

  2. After completing all the specified 3D models, you can start the 3D preview of the whole PCB.

Edit 3D Lib

  1. The SHIFT+F shortcut opens the component library dialog box

  2. Switch to “PCB 3D library” and “WorkSpace”

  3. Right click can edit and delete 3D library


Q:Can the official package library specify the 3D model first?
A:Yes, later official libraries will specify 3D models. At present, you need to specify to PCB or PCB library.

Q:Can EasyEDA export the whole PCB 3D format for structural design? Step, etc.
A:It will be supported in the future, step by step, and will directly support importing the step format in the future. This format is more complicated and needs time to study.

Q:Will EasyEDA support to draw 3D models in the future?
A:Don’t. At present, many 3D rendering tools are very mature (Auto CAD, CAXA, SolidWorks, etc.) or open source free (FreeCAD, LibreCAD). Online 3D design tools (onshape) are also available.