When you found a PCB Libs(footprint) but it can not be satisfied for your design, you can edit and it to your personal PCB libraries.

Via Libraries > Type: PCB Lib > Search Component/Personal/LCSC/System > Select footprint > Edit

when you finish and save , it will be saved to your personal libraries “Created” and become your personal libraries.

And you can add a tag for your PCBLib:

Libraries > Type: PCB Lib > Personal > Select footprint > Right Click > Modify

About the tag suggest that using as below:
AXIAL: AXIAL-0.3 etc.
HEADER:Headers, connectors
DIP:Dual-In-Line components
SDIP:small dual in-line package
SIP: single in-line package
ZIP: zig-zag in-line package
TO-92: Transistor Outline 92
TO-220: Transistor Outline 220
QFP,MQFP,PQFP: Quad Flat Pack
TQFP:Thin Quad Flat Pack
VQFP: Very Fine Quad Flat Pack
PSOP: Plastic Small Outline Pack
SOIC: Small Outline IC, narrow/wide
VSSOP,SOIC: Miniature small Outline IC
SOD123,SOD323,SOD523: Small Outline Diode
SOT23,SOT223,SOT3X3,SOT523,SOT563: Small Outline Transistor
TSOT,TSSOP: Thin Small Outline Package
SSOP: Shrink Small Outline Package
DFN,SON: Dual Flat No-lead
QFN: Quad Flat No-lead
TQFN: Thin Quad Flat No-lead
SOJ: Small Outline IC, J-lead
PLCC: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
JLCC: J-Lead Chio Carrier
SMD: Chip resister, Chip capacitor
MELF: Metal Electrode Leadless