With large schematics it can be hard to find the components quickly. Sometimes, you may make a mistake such as wiring to a wrong component pin. So you need a tool to help you out. Design Manager is just the tool.

Just press the CTRL+D hotkey to open the Design Manager.
or click it via on the left navigation panel:

  1. Filter: You can find your components or net name easily: for example, if you want to find all capacitances, you just need to type C;
  2. Components: Lists all the components in this schematic. Clicking on a Component item highlights that component and pans it to the center of the window.
  3. Nets: Lists all the nets in this schematic. A net must connect at least two Pins, or the net name will be marked as a red error.
  4. Net Pins/Parts Pins: Lists all the pins of the selected net name or components.

If you click the Part’s Pins or Net Pins, EasyEDA will show you where it is with a temporary marker from the top left of the canvas: