Using Schematic Library Wizard and Group/Ungroup… is a quick way to create schematic symbols but they are placed directly into the schematic that they are built in.

It is possible to reuse them by copying them (CTRL+C hotkeys) from the schematic they were created in and then cross-document-pasting them (CTRL+SHIFT+V hotkeys) into a different schematic but this quickly gets messy if you need to copy symbols that were created in several different schematics.

OK, you could keep copying new symbols into a dedicated “symbol library” schematic sheet to save searching for them but EasyEDA offers you an easier way to create and manage your symbols in a library.

Start a new Schematic Lib as shown below or by doing:

1. Document > New > Schematic Lib

This opens the New SchematicLib symbol editor.

2. Create the symbol

  • Get the Datasheet
    For example, using the NE555DR, the datasheet you can refer LCSC: NE555DR.
    And then create the symbol and place the pins for the library base on the datasheet.
    This component have 8 pins and names.

  • Create via Schematic Library Wizard

    The more information of Schematic Library Wizard please refer next section.

  • Create by Manually

    • Draw the shape via the Drawing Tools

    • Place the Pins

      The Pin dot must keep out side as the image indicated, it is connecting with the wires. The more information please refer SchematicLib Attributes - Pins Section.

3. Edit the pin map
Via Edit > Pin Map…, change Pin names and Pin numbers. For some complicated IC, will use the alphabet for the pin number.

4. Modify the Detail
such as change Pin length, place text, change Pin color, Pin attributes etc.

5.Set Costom Attributes
You can set the supplier, package(Suggested, you must assign the package via “Footprint Manager”), Name(Required), Prefix(Required) for it, the more detail of attributes please refer next two section: SchematicLib Attributes

If the schematiclib need to assign the packahe, the Pin number should match the package’s Pad number. The detail of the package assign please refer the Footprint Manager section at previous.

6.Save your SchameticLib
You can set this library’s owner, datasheet link and tags etc.

Then a schematic library is created finish.

Note the Origin Point. To simplify rotating your symbols when they are placed into the canvas, make sure all of your symbols are created as near as possible centered around that point. Suggesting the first Pin/Pad or its center to be the origin point.