Layers Tool

Active Layer: The colours of the layers in the Layers Tool are defined in the Layer Options Settings. To work on a layer then you must make it the Active layer. To do this; click on the coloured rectangle representing the required layer. The pencil icon in the coloured rectangle indicates that this is the active layer.

Show/Hide layers: click on the eye icons to show/hide layers.

HotKeys for layer activation:

  • T: Top Layer is active
  • B: Bottom Layer
  • 1: Inner1 Layer
  • 2: Inner2 Layer
  • 3: Inner3 Layer
  • 4: Inner4 Layer

Layer Setting

Via Setting > Layer Setting…, Or Click Layers Tool‘ gear icon.

You can find the Layer Settings dialog.

In this dialog, you can change the layer’s Color and configure which layers are shown in the Layers Tool. If you plan to design a PCB with more than 2 layers, then you must tick Inner1 and Inner2 for a 4 layer PCB plus Inner3 and Inner4 for a 6 layer PCB.