Generate Gerber

When you finish your PCB, you can output the Fabrication Files(gerber file) via: Document > Generate Gerber, or by clicking the Generate Gerber button from the toolbar.

After clicking, will open the Gerber generate dialog:

If your PCB has DRC errors, will pop up a dialog to tell you, you can check the DRC errors in Design Manager, if the DRC errors doesn’t impact the design, you can ignore them and continue.

You can calculate the price for the PCB order, click Order at JLCPCB will go to JLCPCB and add your PCB in the cart.

Click the Generate Gerber to download the Gerber, you can view it or send it to your PCB manufacturer.


  • Before ordering the PCB, please check the Gerber at the Gerber view.
  • The price just the reference price, and they will check your Gerber whether if need extra cost after you paying.

Gerber View

Before sending Gerber to the factory, please use Gerber viewer to check the Gerber carefully.

Gerber viewer you can use:

Recommend Gerbv:

How to use Gerbv:

1.Download Gerber zip file, and download Gerbv, unzip Gerber file and run the Gerbv;

2.Click the + button at the Gerbv dialog bottom-left corner, open the Gerber folder, select all the Gerber files, and open.

3.And then zoom, measure, check every layer, check tracks and via, check drill holes and location. etc.