Export Schematics In PDF/PNG/SVG


Document > Export > PDF/PNG/SVG…

will open this dialog:

Export Option: From here you can choose to export your design to SVG, PNG and PDF file format.

Size: Only for PNG and SVG. This is images’ width, for example, when you set size as 1x, the exported PNG’s width is 600 pixels, if you set size as 2x , the width will be 1200 pixels of the exported PNG.

Wire Width: if you set this to 2x, the line width will be enlarged two times as you wired. This is illustrated in the image below.

Merged sheet/Separated sheet: This option only for exporting PDF. When you export a schematic with multi-sheets, you can choose merged or separated. Merged will combine the sheet you selected into one PDF, separated will export PDF for each sheet to a PDF separately.

Export Schematics In Altium Designer Format

EasyEDA support exporting the schematics in Altium Designer format.
Via “Documents > Export > Altium…”, and click the “Download now” you will get a .schdoc file.

Tips: EasyEDA don’t support to export the schematic libraries in Altium Designer format, but you can place the schematic libraries to the schematic, and export that in Altium Designer format, and then extract them at Altium Designer.

Download Schematics

You can download the schematic when it is opening, via:

Document > EasyEDA Source…, click the download button, you will get a .json file.

Or Project > Right Click > Download Project, you will download a zip file with EasyEDA Source files for Schematics and PCBs.

Via Document > Print, will open a web page and open the print dialog, you can print it as you want.