Exporting a PCB design or footprints from EasyEDA is very similar to exporting a Schematic or a Symbol.

Via: File > Export > PDF/PNG/SVG…

picture 14

You will open this dialog:

You can select to export in PDF, PNG or SVG format.

Note: The PDF size is zoom as 1:1 with PCB.

  • Export to: Support export to PDF, PNG, SVG. If you want to print the PCB 1:1, please choose PDF.
  • Engine:
    • Local: PDF generated by Editor
    • Cloud: PDF generated by Cloud Server, in the future, EasyEDA will remove this option.
  • Graphics:
    • Full Graphics: All graphics, objects will be exported.
    • Assembley Drawings: Only exporting components’s prefix and location, hole etc. This is for part assembly.
    • Object Outline: Only exporting objects’ outline, such as Pad and silkscreen outline.
  • Type:
    • Merged layer: All selected layers you want to export will be merged in one page.
    • Paged layer: All selected layers you want to export will be paged in one file.
    • Separated layer: All selected layers you want to export will be separated in multiple files. Export as a ZIP file.
  • Color: You can choose “Black on White”, “White on Black”, “Full Color”.
  • Layer: You can select to print individual layers or selected layers merged into a single file.
  • Mirror: It is also possible to mirror selected layers for example to show bottom layers in easily readable orientation. Recommend when all your selected layers are bottom type you can enable this option.

If EasyEDA PDF can not satisfy your requirement, please let us know.
picture 49

And if you generated the Gerber file, you can use the Gerbv to export the PDF, it is very easy.

Via Gerbv

Export PCB in Altium Designer Format

The more information please refer at Export Altium

Download PCB

Please refer at Export EasyEDA Source

EasyEDA doesn’t support to print PCB directly, please export PDF and print.

If you don’t want to order your PCBs from EasyEDA then maybe - for single and double sided PCB designs - you might like to try like using some home made PCB tech:

So here’s how you can print your PCB layer by layer and then etch it onto a PCB.

Step 1) Export it to PDF, Using: File > Export > PDF…

Note: Make sure the Colour is Black on White Background.

Generally choose the bottom layer. Select if you want to mirror the export as needed.

If you have routed PCB tracks on the top layer, then you need to choose the top layer. Etch PCB by themselves generally need to mirror export printing.

Step 2) Open the pdf file in a viewer

Step 3) Print it to paper

Step 4) Copy it to the copper

Step 5) Etch it

Step 6) Drill it

Step 7) Get your soldering iron out!