Exporting a PCB design or footprints from EasyEDA is very similar to exporting a Schematic or a Symbol.


Document > Export > PDF/PNG/SVG…

you can open this dialog:

You can select to export in PDF, PNG or SVG format.

Note: If you want to print the PCB 1:1 with the paper, you need to choose to export PDF(1:1).

You can select to print individual layers or selected layers merged into a single file.

It is also possible to mirror selected layers for example to show bottom layers in easily readable orientation.

And you can use the Gerbv to export the PDF, it is very easy.
Via Gerbv

Export PCB In Altium Designer Format

EasyEDA support exporting the PCB in Altium Designer format.
Via “Documents > Export > Altium…”.

The more information please refer at Export Altium

Download PCB

You can download the PCB when it is opening, via:

Document > EasyEDA Source…, click the download button, you will get a .json file.

Or Project Folder > Right Click > Download, you will download a zip file with EasyEDA Source files for Schematics and PCBs.

If you don’t want to order your PCBs from EasyEDA then maybe - for single and double sided PCB designs - you might like to try like using some home made PCB tech:


So here’s how you can print your PCB layer by layer and then etch it onto a PCB.

Step 1) Export it to PDF, Using: Document > Export > PDF…

Note: Make sure the Colour is Black on White Background.

Step 2) Open the pdf file in a viewer

Step 3) Print it to paper

Step 4) Copy it to the copper

Step 5) Etch it.

Step 6) Drill it …

Step 7) Get your soldering iron out!