After log-inning in, you can create a new project:

Document > New > Create a new project/Schematic..etc

The Project concept is important in EasyEDA because it is the foundation of how to organize your designs.

  • Owner: You can change the owner of this project, you can change the owner to the team if you have joined.
  • Title: Give it a title: this will show in the project tree in the left hand panel.
  • Path: EasyEDA allows you set the path for the project, if you want to share with your friend, it will be useful. It can’t be editable when it is created.
  • Visibility: You can make your project public or private by setting its Visibility.
    If you choose to make you project Public, Categories allows you to select which category you want your project to be listed under on our website. If you keep your project private then the category is still applied but has no direct use in sorting your projects because this field is not searched in the Filter box in the left hand panel.
  • Description: Adding a short description helps you and anyone you are sharing this project with understand what the project is about.

Once created, to modify your project, right click on it in the project tree in the left hand panel,

then will open a web page in which you can edit your project:

From here, you can change the Visibility, allow other people to comment on your project and type a more detailed description of the project content. To help you make your project stand out or to maybe simply make a detailed description of your project easier to read, you can use Markdown syntax. If you need more information on Markdown syntax, click on Markdown Syntax? just above the Content box.