If you want to update the component at schematic when you update the parts at Library, can use this feature.

Via: Top menu - Design - Update Components from Library

图 6

Click the menu you will see the update dialog, you can preview the current components and compare with latest version.

图 5

You can setting check the component latest version when open the schematic at bottom option.

Before update components, please check the parts shape, pin number, footprint carefully.

PCB has this feature too at Design menu, you can update footprint from Library.

Since v6.4.20.7, while placing the component at the schematic, that will keep the symbol and footprint corresponding at that time, no matter you update your footprint or not, it will not impact by latest footprint as previous editor version. when you import changes, the footprint will use at that time version, will not use the latest footprint version, if you want to use the latest footprint, you need to update component first.

If you want to update single one compoennt, you can right-click it and update

图 7