Thanks to the Free and Open Source Kicad Libs and some Open Source Eagle libs, EasyEDA now has 700,000+ components, which should be enough for most projects.

Now you can enjoy using EasyEDA without having to spend so much time hunting for or building schematic symbols and PCB footprints.

  • Library
    On the left hand Navigation panel you will find “EElib“ and “Library“, just type what components you want and search.
    At Libraries:


    • 1.Choose the library type
    • 2.Typing the keyword such as “1k 0603”
    • 3.Click the search button
    • 4.Select the class you which is wanted of the result
    • 5.If you don’t need the search you need to remove all the search keywords
  • Create Library
    EasyEDA supports creating symbols by yourself, after created you can find out your components at Library > Symbols/Footprints > Workspace, and it is easy to manage your libraries.

  • Transfer Libraries
    If you want to transfer your libraries to the team, you can do that in “User Center > Libraries > Personal”.

To prepare for the final assembly stage you can create a Bill of Materials (BOM) via: File > Export BOM…

and you can produce professional quality SVG, .PNG or .PDF output files for your documents.

All EasyEDA Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint libs are public, so after you have created and saved a new symbol or footprint, others will be able to find your part and you will be credited as a contributor.