After the initial conversion of a schematic to PCB, it is time to learn how to manage EasyEDA’s PCB Design Editor.

Canvas Attributes

Lots of PCB canvas attributes are the same as Schematic canvas attributes. The key is that you can set units in PCB canvas attributes.

picture 74

When you select a object at the canvas, you can modify its attributes at the right panel.

Snap Size: The cursor snapping size.
Alt Snap: When press hotkey ALT the cursor snapping size.

  • Routing Width: Setting the default routing width.
  • Routing Angle: Setting the routing angle.
  • Routing Conflict: When routing the track, what to do when impact the difference net objects.
    • Ignore: The track go through the objects.
    • Block: The track will stop when meet the difference net objects.
    • RoundTrack: The track will go aroud the difference net objects.
  • Remove Loop: Remove the track loop.
  • Copper Zone: Setting the copper zone visible or invisible.