Desktop Client

EasyEDA desktop client is release now, it based on the open source project Electron, and we make a lot improvements.

Online use, only for 64bit system(Win7 and upper):

Windows 64Bit: easyeda-client-windows-x64.exe
Windows 32Bit: easyeda-3.0.11-ia32-setup.exe

Windows 64Bit: easyeda-client-linux-x64.exe

Mac OS 64Bit:

Local Auto Router Server

Local Auto Router Server support Windows, Linux and MacOS, the more information of auto router please refer: PCB Layout: Route

Gerber Viewer

After generating the Gerber, please check the Gerber with Gerber Viewer:

Recommend Gerbv:

Project page:

How to use please refer to :Gerber View

Privatization Deployment

EasyEDA will soon provide privatization deployment which you can deploy a server similar to EasyEDA in your intranet.

Any questions, please contact our technical support via email.
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