Local Auto Router Server

Local Auto Router Server support Windows, Linux and MacOS, the more information of auto router please refer: PCB Layout: Route

EasyEDA:EasyEDA Router.zip(134MB)
EasyEDA:EasyEDA Router.7z(75MB)
Google Drive:EasyEDA Router.7z

Gerber Viewer

After generating the Gerber, please check the Gerber with Gerber Viewer:

Recommend Gerbv:

Project page:http://gerbv.geda-project.org/

How to use please refer to :Gerber View

Desktop Client

We’re sorry to inform you that EasyEDA desktop client is temporarily stopped for download and development (The new desktop version will come back in one year). Due to the rapid updates of Web-based EasyEDA, its too many new features can’t be applied to EasyEDA desktop quickly and the desktop version is not suitable for weekly or even daily updates. We strongly suggest synchronizing your data to the server or download to your local hard drive, and then use web-based EasyEDA for your project design.
Meanwhile, EasyEDA will soon provide privatization deployment which you can deploy a server similar to EasyEDA in your intranet.
Any questions, please contact our technical support via `[email protected]`.